Tresind Dubai – Gastronomy experience

A warm welcome goes beyond words and that is how remarkable i felt when i was smoked away with a welcome drink presented in a cylindrical vase which was a liquid nitrogen manifestation- truly a sight for the sore eyes 💕

The surprises do not end here, infact it is just the beginning to a culinary journey at this modernist indian fusion fine dining restaurant.

Tres Ind is a modern Indian fine dining restaurant led by the artistic chef Himanshu Saini and his impressive team.

It is located on level 2 of Nassima hotel,Sheikh Zayed road giving you pristine views of the bustling city and its ambient and lush interiors gives you a dreamy feeling of luxury and royalty.

We were invited to try out the 9 course dinner menu which is priced at Aed 365 which sure enough was a pot full of surprises leaving us waiting turn after turn for the next course.

The highlights of our dinner.

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The deconstructed panipuri – pani puri has always been my favorite indian snack since childhood so i could not conceal my excitement when i was told by the very kind Chef Kamlesh that next up on the menu was deconstructed pani puri, a molecular take on one of India’s most loved snacks.The sweet and tangy unison of flavours from the tamarind chutney and spiced,united with the crispiness of the puris had my taste buds demanding for more.

My thoughts were mindfully read by the chef as he kindly asked if i would like to try one more ,Like they say in India,no one can eat just one 💕

Chicken cafreal- A dish that holds near and dear to me,childhood memories come flooding back to the times when our grand mom spent lengthy hours grinding a meld of chillies,garlic and various spices on the pestle to make a spicy cafreal masala. What’s  a chicken cafreal ,a well known goan dish,without a delectable twist,crispy and succulent chicken pieces tossed with a flavourful cafreal paste topped with spiced onions carefully placed in a mexican mortar leaving the fusion of the ingredients to do its own magia.

Braised and curried lamb chops accompanied by grilled potatoes which literally melt in your mouth as the spices engulf you with their flavour leaving you wanting for more with The meat being so tender and flavourful.

A sweet and smoky treat,the deconstructed black forest cake whipped up by Chef Tarun-imagine hearty chunks of chocolate cake,dollops of caramel syrup,whipped cream and cherries all intermixed in unison, Ladies ,keep some room for this tasty torte💕

No dinner is complete without drinks- The maestro mixologist of Tres Ind,Sherine John brings aboard the pirates of the caribbean , a medley of berries and fruits, which is the perfect thirst quencher especially during the scorching summer heat and one of my must haves

All in all, Tres Ind is a must visit especially to see a different and molecular concept side of indian cuisine which in itself is a boiling pot of different flavors and tastes.

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