Tub of butter

Dessert: Loukomades drizzled with honey 

Lemon sable breton with raspberry coulis

Saffron panna cotta with orange juice/cuts

Tartines: char grilled jacks creek angus sirloin with roasted mushrooms, spinach and herbs.

Paccheri, Napoletena with olives, shallots and goats cheese.

lemon grilled salmon salad with greeen beans and sesame seeds

Spiced brioche (french toast) with salted caramel and raspberries

pancakes with vanilla mascarpone and maple syrup

Carnival by Tresind

Dubai, a city which never fails to enthrall me with its towering landmarks and quirky and peculiar gems.one such peculiar ooking gem of a restaurant is the newly opened Carnival by TresInd located at the Burj Daman by DIFC, If you are conjecturing as to why this restaurant has such a vivid name called Carnival, you will definitely agree with me as you read on that no other name can better describe this quirky, artistic and creative restaurant.


Ushered in with a cordial welcome, we took our seats and held our breaths for a split second as the ambience had us spellbound with copper sprayed trees and venetian styled masks that adorned the wall.A modish looking bar area with an array of flamboyant bar seats was a sight pleasing to the eye. As we sat down, we were treated to a bubble frenzy leaving us all in awe as it was quite the welcome. As the bubble machine whirred away, it was the perfect therapeutic activity to set us in the right mood (after all, who does not love bursting those little bubbles all around as we embarked on this culinary journey of 14 courses, each promising to surprise us full heartedly.

The creative chefs moleculed together a stupendous 14 course menu for your tastebuds after wowing us with their gastronomical acts at TresInd.

The highlights for me of the evening was the malai burf dressed in style with a shimmer of golden dust consisting of the sweetness of litchi granite, delicious raspberry rose water and fresh milk skin served in an icy shot glass, evoking childhood memories when we used to wait eagerly until Friday came to be taken to the sweets shop to feast our eyes on this delicious pieces of heaven – soft and grainy in texture and a melting mount of goodness.

dsc00405 dsc00402


Life is short, eat Dessert first- the connoisseurs at Carnival could not have named this dish any better – jalebi (my all time favorite dessert) deep fried to the crunch placed creatively on a bed of cubed spiced potatoes, creamy yoghurt mousse and a base of flavored chickpeas sprinkled with chaat powder and mild tamarind chutney.The combination of the universal chaat and the very famous sweet came together striking a perfect balance between a soft kick of spice, tanginess and creaminess.
dsc00414dsc00427 dsc00424 dsc00418

Take a bite out of this chicken pakora and you are sure to be hooked – my mind and taste buds were tempted to have a calculated bite out of my hubby’s but i left him to enjoy this delicious laddo like melting ball of goodness covered with a sweet boondi crisp and a decorative golden leaf neatly presented in a twig basket.When the server mentioned this course as indian fried chicken , i was expecting to be presented with a chicken fritter or cubes of spicy chicken but of course the chefs at Carnival always know how to play “Carnival out of the Box “ (pun intended) .
dsc00473 dsc00457


The highlights for me of the evening was the malai burf dressed in style with a shimmer of golden dust consisting of the sweetness of litchi granite, delicious raspberry rose water and fresh milk skin served in an icy shot glass, evoking childhood memories when we used to wait eagerly until Friday came to be taken to the sweets shop to feast our eyes on this delicious pieces of heaven – soft and grainy in texture and a melting mount of goodness.dsc00491

Quench your thirst with their beverages and one such drink which stole the limelight was the lavender infused lemonade presented in a ceramic frog- distinctive and refreshing in taste and aromatic in nature.Bursting of flavor, This cooling beverage definitely adds a hint of sophistication.dsc00487 dsc00477
dsc00561 dsc00559

Prawns have a soft corner in my heart – i love them cooked in any style – be it fried with plain pepper and salt or even a stir fry style – there is something special about them that give me a happy high.Much to my delight, i was presented with the pullinji , packed with the warm spicy flavor of ginger and toasted heavenly with palm sugar. Presentation gets full marks with this dish being presented with a wheat crisp dusted lightly with curry powder. The prawns were well done (how i usually like my prawns) with a tinge of juiciness and jam packed with a spiced up flavor making it easily one of my favorite dishes of the evening.
Vada Pav- Those who hail from India or even more specific Mumbai would have a smile on their face as soon as this dish is mentioned as these beauties are sold at every nook and corner be it the train station, the street side or even outside the college and even office areas. Known to be the common man’s food and also one of the most famous street snacks, this simplistic snack comprises of a spiced potato patty slapped between two slices of a white bun and brushed generously with red spicy and green tangy chutney.With Carnival giving us the surprise factor with each dish , they brought out on the table, the vada pay was quite the constructive dish with the chef dressed up as an engineer bring out his tools machine only to find out that the tools instead consisted of the fiery ingredients to create this favorite. As the chef spoke about how this snack came about and within minutes we were served this delicious snack – a fiery tanginess and spiciness along with hints of garlic and various spices and the soft fluffiness of the bread engulf your taste buds.
dsc00632 dsc00600

Meatilicious – no better way to describe this beautifully presented mutton dressed as lamb galouti chop – cooked and to perfection with its tender juiciness and brushed with the right amount of spice. Galouti kebabs are usually made in small sized patties but in this dish was served in the form of a chop which in my books was pretty impressive.
dsc00648 dsc00642 dsc00641
dsc00657 dsc00653

No meal is complete without dessert and the definite highlight for me is the betel flavored macaroons.Paan which is made out of betel leaves is usually a mouth freshener had after your meal in India consisting of nuts, rose petal paste.A whiff of these macaroons and memories came flooding back to the times when we used to go to our favorite uncle who made the best paans in town. The chefs at Carnival replicated the flavor of paan in these macaroons which is seemingly cleverly put and presented together.dsc00705 dsc00701 dsc00699 dsc00773

Presenting post modern cuisine in a distinctive manner, Carnival definitely raises the bar and presents dishes out of the box, the creative minds have carefully crafted each dish, innovative by itself by having a meaningful story of its own.


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Staycation Review: The Palace at Downtown Dubai

Flanked by towering palm trees and an expansive pool with its glistening blue waters, a perfect backdrop for a quick selfie, this magical haven has a mystical romance about it with its titanic archways and arabesque lanterns, leaving you intrigued to explore this enchanting beauty.


As we entered this palace, we were escorted to the reception where the receptionist had us checked in a swift manner and off we were to our palace suite only to be surprised by a super sweet welcome gesture by the general manager and his management. Laid out on the table was a treasure chest laden with arabic dates and sweetmeats as well as a welcome note making us feel all the more ushered in.

palace downtown dubai

palace downtown dubai

The suite itself was a luxury of its own with with spellbinding views of the bedazzling Dubai Fountain and the iconic Burj Khalifa from the outdoor balcony and plush interiors in the lavish bedroom and spacious living room with a majestic color scheme and resplendent furnishing giving the whole suite a middle eastern aura. The ensuite bathroom is both modern and contemporary with luxurious amenities at your disposal. It also has separate bath, shower facilities and ambient lighting which can be adjusted accordingly creating a calming retreat.

palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubaipalace downtown dubaipalace downtown dubaipalace downtown dubaidsc04191 dsc04094

We settled into our haven and i decided to give the smart iPad launch port a test drive testing its features and controls – Aptly named “Igenie”, this smart device allows you to make leisure bookings at Dubai’s most famed attractions, be it Kidzania, Dubai Ice Rink or even for a more iconic view, At the top Burj Khalifa. You can also request for room service and even housekeeping in just a matter of few finger tapping clicks at your beck and call. If you are in the mood for some tunes to sway to, you can also choose your favorite radio station. Also, browse through the various promotions the hotel has to offer for a luxurious dining experience at one of their many multi cuisine restaurants.


As the glowing sun decided to make its escape plan, we made our way to the leisure pool which resembled a calm and tranquil oasis, surrounded by tall palm fringed trees in juxtaposition with one of my favorite landmarks, The Burj Khalifa after which we relaxed in style in one of the many chair lounges enclosing the pool.Tap your feet to the laid back eclectic tunes played leaving you feel all the more energized and upbeat.

palace downtown dubai pool palace downtown dubai poolpalace downtown dubai pool palace downtown dubai poolpalace downtown dubai poolpalace downtown dubai pool palace downtown dubai pool palace downtown dubai pool    palace downtown dubai poolpalace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai palace downtown dubai

Since we were in the mood for some authentic middle eastern cuisine, we decided to explore the all day dining restaurant, Ewaan that serves a meld of arabic and mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant itself boasts resplendent archways and splendid lanterns hung from the high ceilings. Mr Jose, the restaurant manager gave us a quick tour of the restaurant gliding over the many counters. I was absolutely floored by the expansive buffet which offers a desirable amalgamation of cold salads and meats as well as assorted breads and colorful arabic pickles. There is also a dedicated seafood counter ranging from delicious king prawns to calamari and salmon to give your taste buds some tantalizing flavor.

Ewaan Palace downtown Dubai

Feast you eyes on your favorite meats and seafood at the live grill station which you can have grilled to your liking .Have your pasta cooked top notch style at the live cooking station for a more interactive experience and indulge in a light conversation with the friendly chefs who give you a quick lesson on how they get their pasta cooked to perfection.No meal is complete without dessert and i dashed off to my favorite part where sweet condiments awaited me varying from arabic desserts to international desserts which piqued my appetite.A fresh and sweet addition to the enormous buffet was the french crepe live counter flourished with various fillings and garnishes already playing in my mind what fillings to go with – a nutella and banana crepe filled with fresh fruits and whipped cream.
Ewaan restaurant Palace Downtown Ewaan restaurant Palace Downtown Ewaan restaurant Palace Downtown Ewaan restaurant Palace Downtown

If you are in the mood for shisha, you can enjoy the many flavors in the comforts of your own arabesque tent at the Ewaan lounge situated outside the restaurant while taking in the panoramic views of Dubai’s best landmarks. As we retired for the night,i could not help but appreciate the beauty and lights of the city with the Dubai fountain swaying to the playful tunes and the sky lighting up with the Burj Khalifa in all its galore making it an even more magical evening.

palace downtown breakfast palace downtown breakfast palace downtown breakfast palace downtown breakfast palace downtown breakfast

I love getting up to the aroma of coffee and my better half who knows me best ordered me a lavish in room breakfast with the help of the igenie which gives you an option to choose from a continental breakfast, american breakfast or even an arabic breakfast with various health choices of juices and smoothies. I love the fresh aroma of crispy french toast and well done eggs with my platter of berrylicious berries hence i opted for the american breakfast and my favorite: a steaming cup of cappuccino served.

As it was time to bid adieu to this lavish palace, i was so pleased to having explored this haven which is truly beautiful and tranquil inside and out with warm smiles and top notch hospitality making me feel right at home and treasure and admire this city of hidden gems.

dsc04580 dsc04430

Surrounded by photogenic spots in the vicinity of the hotel, i could not help but admire the beautiful and unobstructed views you get to see from even inside the hotel leaving you in a blissful state of mind.

dsc04423 dsc04403 dsc04393
dsc04388 dsc04184 dsc04166 dsc04076


Staycation Review: Sheraton Sharjah Resort and Spa

Centrally located and snuggled on the endless stretches of golden sand in the emirate, The Sheraton beach resort and spa is your ideal escapade for a staycation or a quick getaway.
Upon our entrance to this majestic hotel, i was taken aback by the towering archways and the opulent interiors of the hotel with flickering arabesque lanterns dressing the ceiling along with a wave of natural light seeping throughout the lobby, courtesy of the palm fringed beach of Al Muntazah right outside the hotel. We were greeted kindly at the reception and warmly welcomed by the supervisor Rahul , who gave his added insight and details of the hotel as well as its history.

Upon entering our room, we were marveled at the size of our premiere suite with breath taking views of the sea, overlooking the horizon.The room boasts aesthetic scruples of traditional and modern islamic interiors infused with a palette of turquoise and luxury gold colors
complete with luxury amenities at our disposal.

Lunch was a cool breeze at the all day dining restaurant which evokes international and regional cuisine, Gusti also serves a  lavish buffet breakfast as well as family dinner set up in a contemporary and modern setting as well as a large terrace with spell binding views of the Arabian gulf.

My favourite part of the scorching summer heat is a quick and refreshing dip into the pool at the elaborate swimming pools of this magical haven with the glistening blues of the pool while relaxing on the one of the many immersed sun beds by the pool and quenching your thirst with refreshing beverages and light snacks at the comforts of the swanky pool bar.

Luxuriate in the relaxing mileu of the Sheraton club lounge conveniently located on the top floor boasting a private terrace and enjoy to your heart’s content , premium internet, a hearty and continental breakfast as well as light snacks to be enjoyed at your own convenience for the whole of the day.

Experience top notch Emirati and Lebanese cuisine at its finest at the recently opened restaurant Arjwan a short while ago.As the saying goes, We eat our eyes which is why i am completely awe struck with the elegant turquoise interiors .The head Chef Mohd worked his magic creatively with some beautifully presented dishes in the menu sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

Some like it cold, some like it hot! Presented on a beautifully laid platter is a delicious combination of both hot and cold mezze containing 6 options of appetizers of different varieties leaving the flavours to explode on your palate!

My favourite comfort food- The kibbeh – which blew me off with a suprise as the chef asks us to play a guess game as to what meat it contains- we surely could not get the right answer even if we tried- brace yourselves- it is “baby shark meat”. Interestingly enough, it tasty just like lamb meat. Yum nevertheless .

Moutable – an Arabic delicacy which is an eggplant based dip with pomegranate, it also happens to be my favorite dip as eggplant happens to be one of my favorite vegetable- although i usually love it fried with batter- this dip is my ultimate favorite with the richness of the pomegranate blending in together with the slight tanginess of the brinjal makes for a perfect unison.This tangy dip also happens to be an integral part of the cold mezze options from the platter at the restaurant.


The chefs signature dishes at the Arjwan restaurant – dill rice blessed with tender and juicy cuts of camel meat, one of the
Many kinds of meat used in Arabic cuisine, one of the many aspects of this cuisine promises hospitality and the traditional mixed grill containing succulent pieces of kebabs and meats leaving your tastebuds wanting for more.The flavor is spot on withe meat being tenderized which leaves the meat all the more delicious.

All good things come to end and hence i bid my farewell to this luxuriant beauty of a beach resort spa which covered me with a blanket of warmth and hospitality, truly felt and acknowledged at every step of the way.

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Staycation: Sheration Sharjah Resort

Melting away your senses at Melting Pot


Melt your senses away at this fascinating fondue restaurant with bright and contemporary interiors well located at the Box Park.

On a lazy friday afternoon we decided to dwell into some fancy fondue to experience a whole new distinct and interactive experience just for a change. The word fondue originated from the french verse fondre which means “to melt”. The dish is generally of melted cheese served in a communal pot over a stove or candle.

The menu allows you to order a number of courses or if you like A four course menu which includes a cheese fondue,salad,an entree and something sweet to end the course with – warm chocolate fondue.
p1520029 p1520032 dsc08185 dsc08191
With the summer heat sinking in,we decided to first quench our thirsts and the staff highly recommended the classic mojito which was a definite classic in my eyes with a light and zesty flavor of citrus and mint perfect for the summer!

dsc08209 dsc08226-2
The staff who are highly knowledgeable also suggested we try the signature blackberry sage lemonade -a delicious and refreshing meld of blackberry and sage.At first i was not sure about this drink since sage is generally a savory herb utilized in cooking but its fragrant and astringent flavor worked well in unison with the warmth and sweetness of the blueberries.

dsc08249 dsc08243 p1520072-3 p1520083
We dug into our cheese fondue which was accompanied by small plated of cajun spiced shrimp, savory chicken and angus beef along with artisan breads and seasoned veggies – a heavenly cheesy delight for cheese lovers with the warmth of the melting cheese pleasing the tastebud.

dsc08275 dsc08256 p1520128 dsc08286-2
We then settled for the classic experience – which is a platter of uncooked seasoned angus sirloin, memphis style chicken, white shrimp, herb crusted chicken and teriyaki marinated sirloin and went with three kinds of cooking styles to truly experience the varying tastes.

The mojo which is a caribbean affair of seasoned bouillon with fresh shredded garlic and a citrus punch.

The coq au vin – an infusion of non alcoholic red wine with savory herbs and thinly sliced mushrooms to add in a zest of flavor.

The bourgignonne – a european style fondue in hot sizzling oil served with tempura and sesame batters- this definitely was one of my favorites- what can i say – i love my deep fried food at any time of the day.


I truly enjoyed the classic experience as it gives you a taste and feel of varieties of chicken, meat and even seafood.We also opted for the lobster tail which when deep fried is absolutely lip smacking as it has a nice golden and crispy texture – super yum.

dsc08359 p1520139-2 dsc08312-2
We ended our experience on a sweet and tantalizing note with a fusion of fruits and a selection of cakes and dates to accompany our two dippings
the yin and yang – a warm and fuzzy marriage of white and dark chocolate giving your senses sweet pleasure.

The warm and golden melted caramel doted with pecan nuts dipping – which is a definite must have as it had a perfect unison of nuttiness and sweetness.
A perfect spot for light conversation and a well interactive experience ,the melting pot is a definite must visit to creating doting memories especially with the family for a fun day out.

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