Fish Dubai Beach Taverna

With the weather getting a lot more cooler and breezier, perfect for that long anticipated evening stroll, we decided to indulge in some aegean cuisine at the newly opened Fish Beach Taverna located at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, aptly located at the waterfront where you can sit back and embrace with open arms the lovely breeze that passes by.

As we entered the restaurant, i almost felt like i was being adduced to the panoramic city of Santorini with its White washed walls, cobblestone pathways and vibrant decor decorated charmingly in white and blue accents and the furniture consisting of cute white wooden tables along with wooden chairs and lounge sofas showered with bright and patterned cushions as romantic dim lit lamps hung so daintily from the trees creating the perfect vibe for the evening.

For starters, my favorites were the uskumru which is mainly smoked mackerel marinated in a culmination of flakes of garlic, a dash of vinegar drizzled with rosemary and olive oil and dressed up beautifully with fresh dill.The taste of the mackerel is delicious , packed with tangy flavor combined with the slight tinge of sweetness from the dill.Though the cold mezzo was slightly more on the salty side for me, i loved how flavorful it tasted.

The next favorite was the hamsi – the pure reason being for the simple marinade and the comforting taste it has on my palate, reminiscent of my mum’s cooking.The black sea anchovy is delicately marinated in a simple combination of salt, lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil dressed with the aromatic herb of dill leaving a pleasant taste in my mouth.

The levrek sarma gets full points for exquisite presentation and taste with the sea bass being rolled in unison with three different colored capsicums served in a meld of basil and olive oil. The harmonious taste of the capsicums goes perfectly with the delicate and tender flavor of the sea bass giving this dish a sensational and flavorful smack.

The highlights in the main course was the jumbo grilled prawns are enveloped with flavor from the national drink of Turkey, raki giving it a packed punch of flavor enamored with a creamy and colorful tomato base and fresh dried herbs and spices. The herbs and spices gently impart flavor to the prawns without overpowering it hence satisfying the palate.

The safran was a second favorite for me – a pan fried sea bass cooked with white wine , celery roots and saffron sauce – impressive in taste and flavor. The light saffron sauce perfectly pairs with the mild flavor of the sea bass and a wonderful tinge of celery root leaving a flavorsome taste in the mouth.

The dessert was quite the show stopper containing of delicious shaped fruits – figs which come stuffed generously with crunchy walnuts and topped with a dollop of fresh cream- so piquantly delicious. Quite the bite and it felt so right with a tantalizing taste of delight.The velvety texture of the soft and fresh figs are delicious with their sweet flavor and unique taste.

All in all, a beautiful and warm tavern with bright interiors, perfect to spend a breezy afternoon or romantic evening with your loved ones.The food is amazing and comforting and almost reminds me of home sweet home with friendly smiles all around and service at your beck and call.

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Staycation: Palace Downtown Dubai

Arjwan – Sheraton Resort Sharjah


Experience top notch Emirati and Lebanese cuisine at its finest at the recently opened restaurant Arjwan a short while ago.As the saying goes, We eat our eyes which is why i am completely awe struck with the elegant turquoise interiors .The head Chef Mohd worked his magic creatively with some beautifully presented dishes in the menu sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

Some like it cold, some like it hot! Presented on a beautifully laid platter is a delicious combination of both hot and cold mezze containing 6 options of appetizers of different varieties leaving the flavours to explode on your palate!

My favourite comfort food- The kibbeh – which blew me off with a suprise as the chef asks us to play a guess game as to what meat it contains- we surely could not get the right answer even if we tried- brace yourselves- it is “baby shark meat”. Interestingly enough, it tasty just like lamb meat. Yum nevertheless .

Moutable – an Arabic delicacy which is an eggplant based dip with pomegranate, it also happens to be my favorite dip as eggplant happens to be one of my favorite vegetable- although i usually love it fried with batter- this dip is my ultimate favorite with the richness of the pomegranate blending in together with the slight tanginess of the brinjal makes for a perfect unison.This tangy dip also happens to be an integral part of the cold mezze options from the platter at the restaurant.

The chefs signature dishes at the Arjwan restaurant – dill rice blessed with tender and juicy cuts of camel meat, one of the many kinds of meat used in Arabic cuisine, one of the many aspects of this cuisine promises hospitality and the traditional mixed grill containing succulent pieces of kebabs and meats leaving your tastebuds wanting for more.The flavor is spot on withe meat being tenderized which leaves the meat all the more delicious.

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Taiwanese cuisine at Taipei Dao Dubai

Food, like a loving touch has the ability to comfort- words spoken by the wise Norman Kolpas. This is truly how i felt when i got my first taste of Taiwanese cuisine at this stowed away gem of a restaurant, Taipei Dao tea house restaurant and cafe, (previously known as Sino Chai located in Healthcare city) located in the South ridge tower 4 of Downtown Dubai.The interiors of the restaurant are zen- like and tasteful in nature and reflects that of a calm oasis.

As we took our seats and settled in, we were greeted by the kind and warm hearted Felice, the owner of the restaurant as well as a connoisseur of healthy food and ingredients who took us through the various ingredients and cooking styles used to create each and every dish.All the dishes are prepared in an organic manner, without the usage of readymade chicken stock, GMO, MSG as well as no traces of white sugar and a lot more unhealthy alternatives.

A vibrant bottle of detox water was served first hand to us, which is packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to help detoxify your body before venturing out on your meal.(when you do dine at Taipei Dao,do make a reservation so that they can prepare this healthy water for you one day in hand)

For starters, my favorites from the dim sums (which by the way are whole wheat) were the green tea prawn chives and the jasmine tea chicken siu mai topped with crab eggs, both which piqued my interest as it had the ingredient “tea”. I was enamored by the flavor of this starter which was packed with flavor and had a healthy kick to it.The prawns were soft and tender and the chicken was succulent and juicy.These dim sums were definitely a step up compared to the traditional dim sums i have indulged in.I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of the prawn spring rolls wrapped in tofu skin deep fried healthily in sesame oil , crunch and crispy to the touch and every inch filled with flavor.

Though my first choice of vegetable would hardly be tofu, Ms Felice insisted i try out the tofu which is handmade and soft to the touch so i opted for the golden fried tofu blessed with garlic and boy was in for a surprise, the tofu literally melted in my mouth and was just crisped to perfection and not even a inch chewy.The taste of garlic was subtle and this made for a perfect comfort dish and i am sure i will be going back for more of this irresistible dish.

For the main course,my must haves are the sweet and sour chicken which contains juicy cubes of chicken, soft and tender dolloped with sweet and source sauce and laden with capsicums of three different colors making the dish look like a sweet celebration and the sautéed fried home made noodles with oodles of seafood braised with soy sauce.The noodles were a bit on the chewy side which is how i generally like my noodles to be and the sea food is stewed and flavored with green onions giving it a nice feel and taste.

As they say, no meal is complete without a dessert, presenting to you my favorite,the gluten free chocolate fondant made with love and organic ingredients such as potato starch and whole wheat flour,eggs and 70 % swiss dark chocolate, who would have thought?The fondant has the perfectly cooked chocolate crust and a soft to the touch centre releasing chocolate finger licking goodness.The fondant was also served with a scoop of hand made pomelo ice-cream which was creamy and delicious and added to the goodness of the fondant.

If you are adventurous and love to try out different cuisines, i highly recommend Taipei Dao which is truly simplistic comfort food , which captures local and traditional flavors and is served at its best on a healthy note.

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Flavours On Two Friday Brunch at Towers Rotana Dubai

flavours on two dubai
Relish a vast spread of international and local favorites, fresh in flavor and dedicated to various regions of the world at Flavors on two restaurant located at Towers Rotana on the second floor,centrally located in the bustling area of Sheikh Zayed Road.

As we love to lazy brunch in our own sweet and happy time on Fri-yay right in time to enjoy that decadent meal, we decided to venture out to this popular restaurant to embark on a culinary journey of exotic flavors.

flavours on two dubai
flavours on two dubai
flavours on two dubai
flavours on two dubai
flavours on two dubai

Copious portions of seafood of all kinds line the buffet counter – from a selection of freshly made Sushi and sashimi (one of my favorites being the california roll – fresh crab and ripe avocado rolled in unison to create this testament of deliciousness) to cold seafood salads – fresh and crispy to the touch and a diverse collection of succulent sea food – delicious and fleshy crabs and jumbo sized prawns from the depth of the clear blue ocean.The orange shelled beauties were definitely my favorite as the meat was flaky and soft and slightly moist in nature.

flavours on two dubai  flavours on two dubai flavours on two dubai

I absolutely love my dim sums – steamed, fried or stuffed delicately with prawns and meat.There is something quite heart warming on seeing these translucent stuffed dumplings that makes my palate go in eat and savor mode, so on seeing the dimsum baskets on the other side of the counter, i could not help but smile from ear to ear as i peeked into the baskets, almost feeling like a little girl opening her presents. My favorites were the siu mai, a dimsum classic, they were super stretchy in nature and these little nuggets were packed with flavor. The chinese steamed buns were delicately soft and was easy to pull apart- just the way i like them.The meat inside was perfectly flavored with a hint of spice and all things nice.

flavours on two dubai
flavours on two dubai

For those who are looking something a little more meaty, the grills will not disappoint from lamb shanks to grilled beef tender portions and grilled chicken breasts, i knew better than not to step on the weighing scale that day:) My favorites were the braised lamb shanks which truly melt in your mouth as the meat is meltingly tender to the bone simmered in a rich and a flavorful gravy and a perfect accompaniment was a bowl of hot steamed white rice to really enjoy the flavorsome flavors.

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To wrap up our lunch, we chose an array of desserts and sweet treats from meltingly delicious chocolate fondue to creamy strawberry cheesecake, the highlight being the date cakes – though this usually is not my first choice of desserts- the warm color and fragrance enticed me to take a quick bite only to my delight as the cake was not too rich and lightly smothered in a sweet sauce to tantalize your tastebuds.


The Friday Brunch Packages are as follows and can be chosen as per your liking and taste:
AED 199* inclusive of unlimited soft beverages
AED 235* inclusive of unlimited house beverages
AED 315* inclusive of unlimited premium house beverages

Timing: 12:30 – 4pm

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