Solo Dubai – Raffles

The interiors of Solo restaurant welcome you with a warm embrace with its eclectic ambience, dim lit interiors and wooden bricked walls giving it a rustic touch and feel. Apart from its gigantic wall sized mirrors (hey we ladies aint complaining) and exquisite paintings, Solo also boasts a wine cellar for perfect pairings with your meal, making this restaurant quite the romantic spot and even perfect for a dinner with family and friends with its various dining spaces.

solo dubai solo dubai
dsc04822 dsc04813

For starters, the highlight of the evening was carpaccio di manzo presented in an elegant setting, thinly sliced beef decorated with the rich flavor of rucola, shaved parmesan, black truffle and a drizzle of lemon perfecting the amount of freshness, tanginess and flavor and when served with italian white bread, makes for a perfect accompaniment to truly enjoy this flavorful appetizer.

solo dubai solo dubai solo dubai

The main course highlights were the spade scottato, seared swordfish with a dollop of bean puree and a dressing of ciambatta lucana style bell peppers. The fish meat is firm in texture and quite meaty in nature with a mild flavor and complements the flavor of the simplicity of bean puree and the bustling freshness of the bell peppers.

solo dubai dsc04432

solo dubai
solo dubai solo dubai dsc04570
solo dubai dsc04545

My love for seafood continues with the salmon in crosta di patate – a finely grilled potato crusted salmon steak seasoned well with the feathery lightness of liguria olives and a refreshing burst of rich and flavorful cherry tomato sauce making it an impressive main dish as the salmon meat is soft and packed with some great flavor as it melts easily onto your palate.

solo dubai

No italian meal is complete without the creaminess of pasta and having said that, we decided to try something out different from the extremely knowledgeable staff who knew to the point details about the dishes. The risotto nero al fruitti di mare was definitely a pleasant winner – a dish made of squid ink risotto with a meld of mixed seafood with lobster foam encircling the dish and a touch of decorative gold leaf. The dish had a perfect balance of creaminess and lightness with a mild and fragrant flavor to entice the palate.

dsc04701solo dubaisolo dubai

As we made our way to the desserts, the chef definitely put on a show with some fireworks with the well executed presentation of the zuccotto which is a dome like structure to which fire is lit only to unfurl a beautiful sight- a frozen chocolate dessert with dual layers of crispy amaretti biscuits and creamy ice cream mousse and that is not the end of it – Delicious and vibrant cherries are submerged artistically into the innermost core being the perfect element of surprise to this beautiful looking dessert.

dsc04768 dsc04787

For a true taste of Italian cuisine with some beautiful and soulful italian tunes and amazing dishes, Solo only aims to please your palate with its knowledgeable staff who are efficient in service and instagram worthy nooks and corners from colorful bull head walls to graceful italian artwork!

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Dallayou – Mirdiff City Centre

Dallayou Dubai
It is no secret that French love their food especially when it comes to their exquisite and creative pastry creations which are beautiful in nature and all the more pleasing to the palate. The interiors have a parisian accent to them with bright lightings and chic interiors making you feel like you are perched in the one of the cafes in Europe.

Dallayou Dubai Dallayou Dubai

My highlights of the evening were definitely the prawn mango salad – deliciously grilled prawns marinated with lemon and garlic cooked in a bell pepper savory sauce and tossed with cherry tomatoes and slices of mangoes with a dash of lemon vinaigrette dressing. The shrimps were nice and plump with a slight note of crispiness to them.


I love crab in any form – chances are because i hail from a coastal area making me fall head over heels in love with this crustacean more so it was no surprise that we went ahead and ordered the crab cakes which were truly a delight. The patties were soft with a dash of creaminess showered with avocado mousse and tomato remoulade with a side of baby leaf salad.Besides having a great presentation,the avocado mousse had a smooth texture and also acted as a perfect dip for the cakes along with the tomato remoulade which is a french based sauce rich in mayonnaise giving the dish an added flavor.

Dallayou Dallayou
Dallayou Dallayou dsc07699

For the mains, the veal ragout linguine gave a stellar performance with the veal ragout spooned loosely over a light bed of tasty linguine.The veal is tender to the palate and subtly spiced with thyme and garlic and drizzles of freshly grated cheese.The sauce is not too heavy on the stomach leaving you in a content and happy state.

Dallayou Dubaidsc07762 Dallayou

Dallayou Dubai  dsc07735

dsc07814 dsc07797

Picking a favorite from the artistic and creative desserts was definitely a tough ordeal to undertake as our eyes widened at the very sight of these exquisite creations from diverse flavored macaroons to aptly named desserts like sweet Dubai which by the way also happens to be a favorite in France (couldn’t be prouder to be a Dubaian) to the opera cake , Saint-Honore and the Religious de Reve – my cult favorite had to be the opera cake – which looks similar to that of a chocolate tiramisu flavored wafer – the first bite is like having a surreal romance with layers of coffee flavored sponge topped delicately with chocolate ganache and the butteriness of coffee cream capped with a thin layer of dark and sinful chocolate icing.

For a romantic and chic taste of Parisian flavors, this cafe cum restaurant comes close to feeling like you are strolling along the romantic lit street of Paris enjoying their art of the state gastronomical and whimsical creations.’

dsc07835 dsc07828

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Besh Dubai – Sheraton MOE

Besh Dubai

Step foot into Besh at Sheraton, Mall of the Emirates and be prepared to be enthralled by varying diversity of turkish cuisine which elevates the authentic flavors from Turkey with the variety of its feast like dishes perfect for a family gathering or a dinner soiree with your loved ones.The interiors along with the ceramics are rustic and add a casual and romantic vibe to it with dim lighting in most of the areas along with a open kitchen set up and a doomed oven used for baking pides along with an option to have shisha on the outdoor terrace.

Besh Dubai Besh Dubai Besh Dubai
Besh Dubai
Besh DubaiBesh Dubai

My favorites of the evening were the lahmacun (minced meat) and kusbasi pide with lamb.Though i loved the lamb more, my heart strings came undone with the lahmacun as it tasted divine and comforting with the familiar taste of baked minced meat along with various toppings .I remember fond memories of gorging on delicious side in Istanbul but i truly loved the hint of spice in this pide . Lahmacun in other words is a turkish pizza with a thin crusted base topped lavishly with minced meat crowned with herbs, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of parsley to finish the dish presentation.

Besh DubaiBesh Dubai Besh Dubai Besh Dubai Besh Dubai
Besh Sheraton

The sote karides (sautéed prawns) were also a winner in my eyes tossed together in unison in a simple and fragrant tomato based sauce with the prawns being tender and packed with flavor as well as the manti which are dumplings which come with different meat fillings and is also one of the traditional and loved dishes of Turkey, I especially loved the presentation of this dish as well as the slight spice factor of this turkish ravioli even though it had a creamy and garlicky yoghurt based dish along with tomato paste seasoned with herbs.

Besh Sheraton Besh Sheraton Besh Sheraton
No turkish meal is complete without the grilled fragrance and taste of some lamb and hence we ordered the kudzu pirzola which when translated means lamb chops. The lamb chops were particularly very juicy and devouring with the meat being nice and tender ,marinated beautifully and graciously with black pepper and seasoned with oil and salt along with a spritz of lemon juice accompanied with grilled peppers and chillies.

Besh Dubai dsc07132 Besh Dubai

Dessert was the sweetest affair with traditional baklava ice cream served to us. Baklava is a rich pastry made with diverse layers of filo filled lavishly with nuts and bonded together with the sweetness and stickiness of honey.I love how flaky the layers of the baklava are along with its sweet notes of crispiness.I usually like desserts which are not too sugary and sweet and this happened to be one of the best baklavas i tasted as it was not too heavy in sweetness and had a pleasing taste to the palate.

Besh Dubai Besh Dubai
If you are looking for comfort in your dishes and want a little slice of Turkish fare, do head to Besh to have a jolly good time and do not forget to get a whole big scoop of some turkish ice cream with the ice cream man having a magic trick or two rolled up his sleeve!

Besh Dubai

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Frankie’s Italian Bar and Grill, JBR

Charm your way through this hidden gem of a restaurant, Frankie’s italian bar and grill located in JA oasis beach tower. The restaurant is a result of a partnership between the famous michelin chef Marco Pierre White and the highly recognized jockey, Frankie Dettori.

The restaurant is dimly lit making it a perfect abode for a romantic dinner with your loved one.The interiors are a mix of earthy tones of red and brown with lounge like chairs with the live band strutting some jazzy tunes making it an enchanting evening.

Frankies Italian JBRFrankies Italian JBR  Frankies Italian JBR

What a start to the evening with this winner of a dish, presenting the pan fried foie gras. Aside from delivering a punch of flavor, the presentation was spot on with the chefs giving a striking impression of this dish. The creamy flavor of the fat liver is rich and at the same time subtle in taste with delicate swooshes of carrot puree looking like a depiction of a painting and eventually balancing out both the tastes.

Frankies Italian JBR Frankies Italian JBR

The highlights of the main course were the mixed seafood ragout- the fresh seafood lends a harmonious flavor to the savory tomato based pasta giving it a richness in taste while being creamy and tangy in kind. The dish brims with the flavors of clams, squids and octopus which come together in unison on a bed of warm spaghetti to bring undivided warmth to the palate.

Frankies Italian JBR
Frankies Italian JBR Frankies Italian JBR

Rack your palate with the huge and chunky well seared lamb ranks that were definitely the show stopper of the evening with its tender and juicy meat so soft and easy to pull apart, leaving you in a meat frenzy.Aside from being culinary artistic, the chefs put on a exquisite presentation of the lamb racks with color splashes of green pea puree,this dish hit all the right notes for me striking a balance between a tad bit of spice and a burst of marinade flavor!

Frankies Italian JBR Frankies Italian JBRFrankies Italian JBR dsc08457

The Italians take their creative art to their desserts as well with the millefoglie croccante chantilly covered with wild raspberry sorbet. This layered famous pastry is glued together in delight with white chocolate bubbles topped with love with the goodness and sourness of wild raspberries letting your taste buds go on a joy ride. This dessert looked in every layer enticing,inviting and a whole lot colorful.

dsc08464 p1550968

The souffle calo al cioccaloto was literally a chocolate haven for chocolate lovers with warm bitter chocolate souffle with cream Anglaise and a scoop of hazelnut ice cream. The molten centre was downright delicious with the bitter chocolate oozing out with its own swift flow and a light and powdery texture, paired with the nuttiness of hazelnut cream screams to please – pure chocolate decadence inside out.


With a sophisticated vibe perfectly paired with the tunes of the pianist and the live band, Frankies is definitely one of my favorite spots for comforting Italian food artistically presented and pleasant to the palate.
Frankies Italian JBR

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Safina at Saadiyat beach club

With the weather taking a complete u turn, making it pleasant for a nice evening stroll or a quick dip, its time to hit the pool and hit it in tranquility and style at the Saadiyat beach club nestled on Saadiyat island- a haven for an escapade from the hustle and bustle of the city.

safina saadiyat beach club
safina saadiyat beach club safina saadiyat beach club

Bask dreamily in the sun and take a dip in the heavenly outdoor 650 square meter pool with its welcoming glistening waters enclosed by a host of private and beautifully designed wooden decked cabanas perfect to unwind and laze around at while sipping on your cocktail which can be ordered with ease from the pool bar along with a selection of quick bites as you take in the views of this stunning oasis.

We headed to the picturesque Safina whose interiors are so dreamy transporting you to a holiday like destination with natural light seeping through the restaurant and the outdoor area being fringed with palm trees, it almost feels like you are stepping foot into an art gallery with a grid like arrangement of black and white pictures showcasing timeless pictures of arabian wildlife adding a touch of style to the high walls and bird cage like lanterns that give a beautiful and versatile feel to the spacious restaurant,The airy terrace is perfect to lounge at with the weather doing great and gives you the picturesque view of the Saadiyat beach club scenic and calm turquoise waters of the pool.

safina saadiyat beach club safina saadiyat beach club

For starters, we ordered the fresh fine de claire oysters, less fleshier in nature having a slender body shape but nevertheless delicious to the palate with a tad bit of saltiness but yet possessing a meld of flavors of a tinge of fruitiness and crispiness.

safina saadiyat beach club
safina saadiyat beach club

The asparagus and truffle risotto was definitely a winner in my eyes, bursting with freshness with the flavored aquerello rice together with asparagus and taleggio cheese and shaved summer truffle lending your palate the right amount of creaminess and al dente texture with the earthy flavor of asparagus paired with a slight tanginess of cheese.


The main course highlights for me were the red mullet pan seared and flavored delicately with saffron baby vegetables crisped and barigoule imparting a beautiful flavor to the palate.The barigoule intensifies the flavor with its meld of artichokes cooked in a broth of onions lending all the more piquancy to this dish.

The sambas a la plancha – perfectly executed, spanish styled grilled tiger prawns smothered with crudaiola sauce which is a combination of freshly chopped tomatoes and onions in a delicious broth, seasoned with lettuce and a lavish drizzle of lemon infused olive oil were heart warming. The prawns firstly were enormous in size filled with meaty flesh which was nice and crunchy with a crispy texture.

p1550807dsc08038 p1550810

The chocolate fondant is always a classic and never fails to please and i could never tire of it literally – Valrhona melting chocolate cake entwined with star anise pear puree and a scoop of velvety vanilla gelato ice-cream. The centre of the cake is a silky and liquid overflow of chocolatey goodness and when accompanied with the spiced flavor of anise pear puree and ice cream is a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed in the comforts of your own time.

With fresh sea food to offer and lip smacking dishes and an ambient atmosphere, leave the hustle and bustle of the city to experience the finest at Safina.

dsc07943 p1550753

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Matcha from Three Tweny

Treat your skin with love with honey sweet and organic products from three tweny.

Presenting the mystical matcha masque infused delicately with clear quartz crystals and containing various ingredients like organic japanese matcha which is fun filled with antioxidants which help purify the skin , organic chlorella that helps eliminate toxins from the skin, french green clay that helps absorb impurities and oiliness.What i really like about this product is it is so easy to apply as it can be mixed with honey or water as per your preference and it leaves your skin feeling tight , smooth and hydrated.For a dewy glow, i mixed the masque with honey to achieve a soft glow on the skin.if your skin is dry in nature, mix this masque with an oil of your choice preferably coconut oil which helps moisturize your skin as well as leaving it soft and silky.

three tweny

Nourish your body with the mystical matcha body polish infused with the fragrance of rose quartz crystals and consisting of organic japanese matcha high in antioxidants and helping reduce inflammation,organic raw honey helping moisturize your dry skin, organic grapeseed oil minimizing those pesky large pores, organic jojoba oil which hydrates your skin and organic raw sugar crystals for wiping away those dead skin cells,I love the texture and the fragrance of this product which smells like a whiff of coconut oil scrub with crystals that you can use lavishly in the shower and can replace your soap for a change as it cleans and softens your skin in a jiffy leaving you freshened up in no time.

Himalaya and

Surprised with all these #himalaya goodies from

Give your skin a lovely glow with Himalaya range of products to combat the scorching summer heat

Himalaya Purifying neem wash – a light face wash which can be used in your daily routine as it does not over dry the skin and so ideal for my skin which is of combination nature as it contains herbal ingredients like turmeric and neem which contains anti bacterial properties apt to keep your skin squeaky clean and fresh! Himalaya protein hair cream – nourish your hair with this protein infused cream containing key ingredients like gooseberries and wheatgerm which moisturizes and gently nourishes your hair in a light manner without leaving it too greasy resulting in silky soft hair.

Himalaya licorice face wash – a unique meld of licorice, alfalfa and the sweet fragrance of wood apple which gently cleanses the face without overdrying it leaving the skin soft and hydrated.It is also soap free in nature hence preserving your natural oils as it has a mildness factor.

Himalaya neem mask- one of my favorite masks as it helps in regulation of oil secretion as well as cleaning those pesky pores which always end up especially around the t zone area.Fuller’s earth combined with the aromatic spice of turmeric makes do for clearer and well balanced skin while keeping it smooth and soft.

Himalaya nourishing body lotion- Enrich your skin with the natural ingredients ranging from the therapeutic properties of aloe vera to the antioxidant properties of winter cherry hydrating and moisturizing your skin leaving it supple and soft.The lotion is non sticky in nature and also my skin absorbs the product quite quickly resulting in hydrated and non irritated skin.

himalaya products


McDonalds Signature Collection

With the burger scene on the rise in Dubai from home grown burgers to massive towers of meaty burgers not forgetting the line of food trucks,one of my favorite burger joint McDonalds has upped the ante by introducing a signature collection of 3 new premium burgers to their menu each special in their own mannerism with various toppings to tickle your fancy giving me all the more reason to visit them more. McDonalds has always been one of my favorite burger joints as i love the simplicity of these burgers in terms of their taste and size.

dsc05995 p1570547
Presenting the chicken mexicano which easily is one of my most loved as i truly enjoy chicken burgers to the brink. The burger is presented in a buttered and shiny artisan bun adorned with a tender golden brown chicken breast, slithers of fiery jalapeños, complemented with a slice of melted emmental cheese and garnished with other condiments of lettuce and tomatoes. One bite of this mexican beauty and I am already hooked, smiling ear to ear as it has a perfect hint of spice, crispiness and lip smacking taste all enrolled in goodness.

The clubhouse- Nestled in golden brown buttered buns, this burger creation ticks all the right notes for me – the prime cut beef ground into a thick patty is moist and succulent along with being halal, the burger is paired with a dollop of McDonalds legendary and special creamy sauce along with a slice of freshly cut tomato and slivers of lettuce. Thin slices of crisped beef bacon give the final touches making this burger all the more flavorsome.

dsc06004 dsc05979 p1570531 p1570538

The combination of golden caramelized slices of onions, creamy and spiced black pepper sauce decked with a moist beef patty makes the mushroom burger another winner in my eyes- i love how simply the meat comes cajoled with the robust flavour of the mushrooms slathered with pepper sauce and other condiments.

If you are looking for a real and delicious treat, head on over to McDonalds and you will definitely have a favourite or two with each burger having a personality of its own and wanting for more- i would love to know your favorites 💕