Perry & Blackwelder Bbq – Madinat Jumeirah

Serving up some meaty delights at this original Barbeque smokehouse joint is the smoking hot Perry and Black welder ideally located at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah whips up some of the best smoked meats southern style.The restaurant boasts American posters and signs all over its walls which add a various buzz of colors to its casual atmosphere .The restaurant takes its name after the predecessors of good old barbecue, Henry Perry and John Black welder.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland, stumbling upon the huge menu. The first contender was the massively sized chill cheese dog which literally cannot be eaten by one person for sure. The 9 inch beef filled bonanza smothered in oodles of hearty Texas chill sauce which packs quite a punch sprinkled with grated red cheddar cheese and is served with smoke sticks.

Whoever thought of mesquite and beef brisket brought together is a pure genius. The slowly cooked beef brisket is one of the best i have had in a while. The short ribs of succulent sliced beef are slowly pit smoked over mesquite wood giving the meat a nice and smokey flavor with the meat falling off the bone ever so sweetly.

The larger than a life Empire burger aptly named which is so humungous in size, that they even ask you to brace yourselves on the menu considering its size.Quite honestly i think it is the biggest burger i have ever seen so far, The burger comes jammed up with a thick 250 grams of a juicy beef patty which was nice and moist,overloaded with pickle relish, crispy and golden beef bacon, towered with golden and crisped onion rings to give this tower a beautiful finish!

For desserts, we had the Burj al Arab as it stands quite tall in nature and is equally heavy in size. Jokes aside, this massive mile high ice cream pie coming with goodness of creamy vanilla, sinful chocolate, crushed oreo biscuits and sweet caramel coffee ice cream. A perfect dessert to be shared by two but in our case four as the size was super massive.

If you are looking for some top notch barbecue style meat, then you have your answer right here, Perry and black welder have some great meaty options with a casual and family friendly ambience that does not fail to impress.

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Kyo Dubai – Fine japanese in Palm Jumeirah


Enter this stylish restaurant and you are bound to be floored by its artistic circular pipe chandeliers painted in chrome black and authentic japanese painting, beautifully strung on the walls.Paper lanterns are suspended delicately, all creatively written in the japanese language translating to the restaurant name, kyo which holds a meaning of entertainment. The restaurant also boasts a 200 outdoor seating garden, which evokes a calm and serene oasis encompassed by manes of plush foliage.

The highpoint of our japanese breakfast menu was the eggs benedict seasoned with an indigenous spice blend of shichimi togarashi, a culmination of spices of red chili, sesame seeds, sea weed and a tinge of citrus leaving your palate pleasantly amazed. Besides the presentation being exquisitely plated, the eggs are deliciously baked with the egg yolk a bright yellow giving this dish a spectacular splash of colors with a slice of salmon sandwiched in the muffin bun.

The waffles were another of my favorites with a rich filling of sweet adzuki bean paste coupled with a decadent drizzle of yuzu chocolate sauce.The waffles are visually appeasing to look at a its perfect golden squares are filled delicately with the sweet paste making it look like a cute and creamy checkered board.

I love pancakes especially when they have different sorts of fillings, so the matcha green tea pancake which gives adage to japanese flavors, fluffy in nature was the perfect choice for me as its acidic and leafy taste neutralises the sweetness of the pancakes bringing out the essence of a japanese zing. The pancakes have a slight note of crispiness and have a cake like interior making it uber soft and pleasant to the palate.

With the winter sinking in, this hidden gem is the perfect space to relax at, while admiring its modernist interiors and zen like space and culinary dishes whipped up by the talented chefs, with a modernist twist.

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Sahara Grill Dubai

The famous Sahara Grill is definitely a well known and predominant spot in London for meat lovers and has finally opened its doors in the Mall, Jumeirah with minimalist and contemporary interior fit outs and dim lighting making it family friendly as well as an outdoor seating giving you pristine views of the city, the restaurant serves some of the most tantalizing dishes in halal cuisine. I definitely deem myself lucky to have found this hidden gem of a restaurant when it comes to its simplistic dishes overpowering with lip smacking taste.

They say Red bull gives you wings so you can fly high but the buffalo wings served here made me reach seventh heaven, i have had my fair share of buffalo wings but the taste of these fresh and tender wings were truly a step above, exquisite from the tangy and mouth watering sauce to the meat that so easily falls off the bones, making you tempted to ask for another plate all for yourself.

Will you be my lamb chop? My exact sentiments on seeing the succulent and spiced up lamb chops, I would have loved the seared chops to be a little more on the meatier side, but nevertheless the meat was dunked nicely in a meld of spices, giving my palate quite the kick.

We opted for the cajun chicken steak which was an embodiment of freshness and juiciness. The chicken breasts were tender with the chicken being deeply soused with fragrant cajun spices, to complement this beauty comes hand in hand a light and creamy peppery sauce  delivering the right amount of spice and crispy french fries served on the side.


Sahara Grill has a fair share of italian dishes as well with an indian twist, so we opted for the prawn stir fried noodles, served with juicy and plump prawns along with grilled vegetables. The noodles were a tad bit saucy for my palate but the dish definitely was packed with flavor but considering that i am big on noodles, i happily scoffed it all in one go!


Sahara Grill definitely made a favorable impression when it comes to their meaty dishes which are jam packed with flavor but just a heads up, do notify the staff about the spice levels of your meat  🙂
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Jamaican grooves at Ting Irie

Enjoy a slice of Jamaican at Ting Irie, my palate was sure in for a spin as it was my very first time to venture out and try some traditional jamaican dishes.The jamaicans have made their way into the dining scene at Souq Manzil in downtown Dubai.

Get carried away to the whimsical island of the caribbean where The traditional jerk chicken waits for you which was finger licking good. The spice factor is just perfect and lends great flavor to the chicken and grilled to perfection.

The oman chips burger was one of my favorites as well as it contained a juicy angus beef patty accompanied with some spicy sauce giving other fellow burgers quite a good battle.I have had many a oman chips sandwiches which has their own righteous place but this burger is definitely a must try.

The oxtail sandwiches reminded me so much of home as the meat is so tender, it literally melts in your mouth. Oxtail is pretty popular in the island of Jamaican and hence was recommended to try out to get a true taste of Jamaican fare.The sandwiches are filled whole heartedly with oxtail meat which definitely has its own hearty flavor.

Presenting a new contender on the scene is the humungous carnival funnel cake which definitely bring out the fun in you .A warm and crispy golden brown dough cake is topped beautifully with sweet and tangy red berries compote lovingly prepared with a dollop of soft serve vanilla ice cream with a trickle of caramel and white chocolate sauce for that added sugar rush.

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Boombastic Dubai Freakshakes at Boombalambuz Cafe

Boombalambuz located in Jumeirah is sure to boom away your senses with its boombastic freakshakes and a lot more on their menu like ice teas , ice cream creations and creamy smoothies to quench those thirsty throats away with the scorching summer heat set upon us.

One of my favourites is the watermelon ice cream?How you may ask it is served? In a freshly chilled watermelon filled with juicy watermelon scoops, just what i woud like ot have on a hot summer evening as the watermelon is nice and fresh and can be easily shared by two.

The cafe is famous back in Azerbaijan and do not be fooled by their small branch in Jumeirah as they can whip up some amazing creations in minutes leaving your jaw to drop at quite affordable prices that would not break the bank.

Nutella freaks out there, there is a little or should i say a lot out there too?The Nutella Pretzel freakshake not only looks amazing but tastes so chocolatey good, topped with crunchy pretzels for that slighty salty taste to pair with the sweetness of the chocolate.

What i like about the shakes here are that they are not too heavy on the stomach, i could easily finish one all by myself (not being greedy here at all) and have another serving all to myself.

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Casa Mia Dubai – Le Meridien

It is no secret that Italians take their food very seriously – we came to know this especially after our very first visit to Casa Mia located in Le Meridien conference and event centre, the restaurant has dark wooden interiors and venetian masks hanging on the wall – the restaurant exudes coziness and warmth and is the perfect spot to sit at to welcome the open breezy air if you would like to sit outdoors.

As we continued to admire the affable atmosphere around the restaurant,we dived into the extensive menu, the high points of our luncheon were the mesmerizing trilogy of fish carpaccio. Not only did it depict an artist’s signature painting (it looked like a piece of culinary art) , it tasted equally good with the tanginess of the fish along with the earthy flavor of the beetroot and edible flowers.

I adore seafood and i always choose seafood over meat hence i chose the rock lobster tail served here as the taste elevates the palate to a whole new level. The lobster only has fleshy meat on the tail and makes it a whole lot different from the maine lobster. The tail was so humongous, i took a whole deal of time relishing the delicious fleshy meat.

Desserts are not to be missed and what caught my eye was the spaghetti gelato – yes you heard me right – soft creamy vanilla gelato with a glorious drizzle of strawberry sauce all over and a added portion of white chocolate on it with the crunchiness of nuts with a garnish of mint leaves which resembles a meal portion that of spaghetti with tomato sauce.

For dinner we headed to the alfresco dining restaurant located at the charming Meridien village and terrace, the restaurant offers a selection of various theme nights every starry evening.The restaurant boasts a large space with ample seating making it easily a family oriented area as well as dining haven for couples as well. You will be spoilt for choice at the various live stations on offer from selected fresh fish, various kinds of meats and pastas made to your liking. Desserts are endless and are sure to give you a sugar rush with various cakes and a chocolate fountain.

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Ruya Dubai – Grosvenor Dubai

The name Ruya sure has a sense of sophistication to its very name, when translated, it means “dream” and boy what a dreamy interiors the restaurant flaunts.The restaurant is located at the elegant Grosvenor house located in Dubai Marina, the dining space is vibrant and exuberant and also had a separate and exclusive area for a lounge and bar with dim lightings and extravagant chandeliers and embodies modern luxury with the interiors having turkish accents and a convivial environment.A traditional oven stares right at you when you enter the restaurant for that touch of authenticity along with the kebab grill ovens.

My high points of our ambient evening was the wonderfully flavored and succulent lamb cutlets, beautifully placed in a rounded bowl , placed on a soft bed of fragrant eggplant and a tomato enriched salad. The taste of the meat is tender and exquisite with the meat melting softly on the palate.The tenderness of the meat combines beautifully with the squash like taste of the roasted eggplant and the zesty flavor of the tomato salad.

I usually shy away from salads but our server highly recommended the firin pancar, a delectable beetroot salad served with anatolian goat cheese and corn bread served on the side. I was simply blown away with the taste of the beetroot which had a flavorful taste when paired with the cheese and eaten with corn bread, Full points to the presentation as well.

The pan fried seabass is beautifully plated and grilled to perfection, the fish is topped with tasty crusty almond sumit along with a creamy white sauce. The sea bass is good enough in sharing as the portion is huge in size.I could not help but savor the coating on the sea bass, as it lent a nutty flavor to the tender fish.

The dark chocolate kibbeh (cikolata ve turk kahves) looked like it just jumped out of the caves of Mordor. The dessert looked quite spooky in nature but definitely had a wow factor as soon as i delved into the dessert. The kibbeh is placed over a twig nest of dark sinful chocolate which is implosive of fine authentic turkish coffee cream with the sweet softness of caramel delight. Need i say more? This exotic dessert is garnished with 22 carat gold dust making it one of the best exotic desserts i have tried.

Ruya definitely lives up to its name with earning full points on the ambience, exquisite presentation of its dishes with each dish having a distinct flavor and taste of its own and amazing service.The drinks are a must have with one of my favorite concoctions being the Mad honey served in a beautiful copperish mug!

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Daniel Wellington Review

Time is what you make of it especially with Daniel Wellington whose watches are seamless and timeless in nature perfect to strap on, be it any occasion.


The maestro behind the company, Filip Tysander crossed paths with a very stylish and intriguing gentlemen called Daniel Wellington who has a penchant for wearing vintage styled watches on NATO straps. As Filip was truly inspired by his rugged style, he decided to go ahead and create his own revolutionary range of time pieces which would showcase classic designs of watches with straps that can be easily interchangeable.

daniel wellington uae

One of my cult favorites is the simplistic and classic black St Mawes rose gold watch which constitutes a classy brown leather strap with an elegant black dial with a rose gold finishing case design which is ultra thin and of measurement 6mm, giving you a glamourous and stylish look. The rose gold watch dial comes in assorted sizes to fit your wrist varying from 26mm to 40 mm and the straps can be interchanged to a choice of either a NATO or a genuine leather strap, whichever tickles your fancy whether it be a date night or a casual luncheon or even a work day. The well designed timepiece features a japanese quartz movement which are accurate, durable and reliable in nature.

The NATO strap has a melange of color combinations and can be easily changed to pair with your outfit or even any occasion, one of my favorites being a girly but yet classy combination of baby pink and navy blue with a enlightenment of white.

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For a tinge of classiness and rugged luxury, you can also opt for a leather strap which is made of genuine leather and comes in classy shades of brown or black boasting a silver or rose gold plated brace to perfectly suit your personality.

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Get your special someone or even spoil yourself a little with a Daniel Wellington watch and avail a 10 percent off when you pair with any of their stylish cuffs or interchangeable straps.You can even sweep off another 15 percent off by using my discount code “yallamelo” on

Breakfast at Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House, a quaint courtyard cafe located in the heart of the historic Al Fahidi district in Bur Dubai is a perfect spot to enjoy a light meal as they offer sizable salads and sandwiches, some of my favorites being the local breakfast tray and the egyptian breakfast tray which contained eggplant, boiled eggs, yoghurt, foul and falafel – which was nice and crispy and the eggplant fried to perfection and to accompany it, a piping cup of karak chai. They also boast a wide range of appetizers sure to please your palate.

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