I am a FFF loving (fun-fashion-food) girl who loves to travel. During the week I do the typical 9 to 6 grind but my weekends always come alive. My weekends, I use to explore locally as well as to try out new foods and cuisine.

If you love food you will fit right at home here. I love food for its taste and also for its visual allure. Consider right here to be your destination for visually exploring taste. Stick around for some mouthwatering shots! And don’t forget to tell me what kind of cuisine you would like me to try next. What goes well with food more than fashion? If it were not for all the great eateries where would I have to get dressed up to go to?

I am a fun loving daydreamer with an effervescent soul and passion for fashion and shopping! Can you guess what my favorite thing to shop for is? Shoes of course! I wouldn’t be a self-respecting fashion addict if shoes were not my weakness.

Come explore my world of food, fashion, shoes and local fun, find out what it is like to enjoy my weekends in Dubai and learn a bit about my fashion sense. You may find a reason to come visit my hometown, you never know.