Al Rawabi Dairy Company wins three prestigious awards in a row

The company has won the coveted ‘Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige’ in addition to ‘Food Security and Climate Change Innovation Award’ and ‘Farm Innovation Award – Animal Production’ at Agra Middle East

Dubai, UAE – 15 May 2017:  Al Rawabi Dairy Company, the largest UAE-based dairy, by herd size and production capacities, continues its award winning streak with three awards in a row. The company has been named the supreme winner of the much coveted ‘Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige’ on April 10th in Berlin. In addition, the company was also awarded with ‘Food Security and Climate Change Innovation Award’ and ‘Farm Innovation Award – Animal Production’ at Agra Middle East held in April in Dubai. Al Rawabi Dairy is the only dairy industry in the UAE to be honoured these prestigious awards.

The Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige is presented annually to varied industries and sectors for corporate excellence in quality and performance of business. Apart from receiving the award, Al Rawabi also received an accreditation from ‘Association Otherways Management and Consultants’.  The accreditation is for ‘Total Quality Customer Satisfaction’.

The Agra Middle East Awards recognise outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams or organisations that have contributed to the growth and development of the agricultural industry with a focus on best practices and innovation related to farming innovations and animal welfare.

“We are thrilled to receive the prestigious Awards. Being a UAE-based brand, winning not one, but three Awards in the same week brings industry-wide recognition, which resonates far beyond the borders of our operations,” said Dr. Ahmed Eltigani A. Rahim Elmansouri, Chief Executive Officer Al Rawabi Dairy Company.

“The Awards are a testament to our exceptional business strategy and give us a great confidence in our ability to deliver delicious, healthy and unique products. At Al Rawabi, we are not only committed to meeting our client needs, but also ensure that animal welfare is well taken care of. Animal welfare, particularly the one of our cows, is an integral part of our corporate responsibility and overall operations. In addition, the Awards are a reflection of the hard work and commitment of our team in developing unique offerings which appeals to consumers in the Mena region and we look forward to continued success and growth in the industry,” added Dr. Eltigani.

Al Rawabi Dairy Company was declared as a winner at all the Awards for its comprehensive approach to supporting innovation, whilst improving quality. The team was lauded for its drive to share cutting-edge research conducted by its staff. The company systematic approach to farm tours, public visits and commitment to local heritage and the history of the best dairy practices around the world reinforced their win. Furthermore, Al Rawabi Dairy Company’s well managed farms with specialised cooling system for its cows and their state-of-the-art system for farm that allow higher production capacities were some of the other factors that boosted their achievements.

“We are honoured to see our team being recognised at such prestigious Awards. The ‘Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige’, ‘Food Security and Climate Change Innovation Award’ and ‘Farm Innovation Award – Animal Production’ at Agra Middle East not only encourage us to adapt new market trends, but to try and create demand by producing innovative products that can appeal to what is fast-becoming a transient global audience,” said Dr. Eltigani.

Al Rawabi Dairy Company uses only the finest ingredients for its wide range of offerings.  Innovation is at the core of the company’s policy. All of its products have been developed to address burning health issues of the GCC region, particularly the overall presence of Vitamin D deficiency. As majority of the UAE population suffers from Vitamin D deficiency, Al Rawabi has introduced Vitamin D milk – special functional milk, enriched with 2000 iu of Vitamin D3 in 1 cup of 250 ml, and it is recommended for daily intake for preventing the deficiency. Currently, it is the only product of its kind in the GCC.  The product is available in full fat and low fat option, and comes in package sizes of 250ml, 1 litre and 2 litres.

Al Rawabi Dairy Company grew by double digits in 2016 compared to single digit industry average. This achievement is the result of strategic thinking, phased investments over the years, and innovation and commitment of the team. The company has also invested AED 125 million to expand farm facilities and dairy cattle in 2013, and another AED 22 million in 2014 in new third generation filling and pasteurization lines, as part of its strategy to become a regional leader.

“The last few years has seen Al Rawabi grow steadily to become the largest dairy manufacturer in the UAE and across the region with production levels of 250, 000 litres of fresh milk daily. With the dairy market growing at a steadfast speed, we aim to enter new markets as the distribution channels develop and barriers to distribution continue to come down,” said Dr. Eltigani.

“On the occasion of our 28th anniversary, Al Rawabi is very proud of creating a facility that matches the highest standards of the most sophisticated dairies in Europe in terms of production, cow welfare and also environmental consideration. All the water at our facilities is recycled and our cows are completely antibiotic free. Antibiotics are only given to cows for medical treatments, and those cows undergoing treatment for any reason are removed from the milk production cycle for the duration,” added Dr Eltigani.

At Al Rawabi Dairy Company, cow’s welfare has remained a priority. Cows benefit from innovative cooling and showering systems to tackle the UAE heat. Each cow is identified via an electronic ear tag controlled by a computerised system, and benefits from a customised feeding sheet (TMR) to maximise health. Ecologically, Al Rawabi has implemented water recycling to minimise its environmental footprint, reusing the water for cooling the herd and land irrigation purposes. Agra Me Awards come as a recognition of the efforts made throughout the years to keep the promise to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Al Rawabi Dairy Company’s success is due in large part to the consistent high quality production standards and efficiency of its management practices. In addition, the company’s renewed focus on its product offerings has introduced some of the best practices to the industry, reflecting the outstanding levels of service and quality offered by the company.

Recipients of ISO 9001, ISO 14003, ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications, Al Rawabi Dairy Company has received much local and international recognition, such as Super Brands Award, Best Environmental Practices, as well as being listed two times among the top brands in the Arab World by Forbes Magazine in 2008 and 2015.

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