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Discover the authentic taste of Thai cuisine at the award winning restaurant Benjarong, with its hospitality and warm interiors, ornate decorations with a family oriented as well as a romantic vibe- Beautiful benjarong relics adorn the restaurant with splendid artworks in every nook and corner of the dining space. Benjarong means “five colors” and decorations are created in forms of geometric or flower patterns in the form of porcelain ware. The restaurant offers sweeping views of the city of Dubai from the 24th floor giving it extra bonus points.

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The high points of our romantic and ambient dinner was the thong wang ruammit benjarong – a lavish platter of 5 delectable appetizers, Crispy fish cakes, soft in texture ,rice crackers, succulent shrimp parcels which were nice and crunchy, golden fried spring rolls and one of my favorites out of the lot – chicken pandanus which are fried chicken pieces wrapped and covered in screw pine leaves and bound with a toothpick to infuse the flavors with the crispiness of the chicken and the fragrant aroma of the leaves giving the chicken a pleasant flavor.

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If i am at a thai restaurant, i have to have a warm comforting bowl of soup and keeping that in mind, my favorite was the tom yum gai rue going- a melange of different flavors from savory to hints of spice filled with plump shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, fragrant lemongrass, fresh chills, chili paste flavor finely roasted with the essence of lime juice, a definite fusion of flavors to create this heart warming soup which soothes the palate.

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Being a sea food lover, i relished every bite of the good had men mamuang, stir fried succulent golden brown prawns, stir fried garnished with the nutty flavor of cashew nuts, mushrooms,onions and the fragrance of dry chill. The prawns are crispy in nature lightly fried cooked ini a fusion of oyster and sweet soy sauces and the prawns have a light peppery flavor to them.


I love pad thai and this dish served here was spot on in terms of taste – the fried rice has a textural crunch to it and is served with pieces of tender chicken, tofu , bean sprouts , ground peanuts and tamarind sauce making this dish a whole meal in itself.I love how this dish comes together in terms of taste with the sweetness of the tamarind sauce along with the crunchiness of the peanuts and bean sprouts lending a nice packed flavor to the cooked noodles and chicken.

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Moving on to desserts, my favorite was the tap tim krob, ruby water chestnuts in iced coconut milk, a refreshing way to end our meal, the water chest nuts are crunchy in flavor and are a perfect combination with the sweetness and light creaminess of the coconut milk.What i like about this dish is that it holds simplicity with the least of ingredients used.

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if you are looking for a warm and inviting thai restaurant, you would love Benjarong for its true thai cuisine with soothing music that flows through the air and true hospitality while you enjoy your meal with sweeping views of Dubai.


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