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Imparting a contemporary approach to casual lifestyles, The Coffee Club brings to the floor not just excellent coffee but also international fare with great quality of service and knowledgeable staff .Tracing back to 1989, the restaurant is Australia’s largest home grown cafe group with almost 400 stores within 9 countries and five locations across UAE.

Get your freak on with the freak shakes that are freaking good. Strawberry cheese cake and fudge brownie took the plunge right into our tummies and it was a tough choice who takes the winning place as both were equally good and rich!As i am inclined towards chocolate, the brownie shake took a special place in my heart as i chewed on decadent pieces of brownie bits with a fragrant taste of coffee.The strawberry cheesecake felt like i was sipping on dessert and was a tad bit sweet for me but nevertheless delicious.

The pancakes were up next and though the presentation was immaculate with splashes of raspberry mascarpone strewn over the bright red velvet pancakes and drizzles of nutella and mixed berries over the stacked pancakes, the presentation did not live up to its taste.The pancakes crumbled to pieces while going under the knife and tasted quite dry and lacked flavor. Maybe it was not my lucky day and sometimes thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

High points of our dinner was the spanish omelette, yes they happen to serve all day breakfast for which they score brownie points – i love a combination of chorizo and eggs as the sausage imparts flavor to the eggs with its delicate spice factor.The omelette is also topped with roasted balsamic tomato and fresh rocket leaves which gives a nice slight fragrance.

Next up, I went into an arm wrestle with my opponent, the strong arm burger and guess who won? Strong arm of course with his mighty size as i stood face to face with a juicy and delicious angus beef burger dressed with strips of veal bacon, copious amounts of melted cheese and seasoned wedges. The chicken parmigiana was stellar in taste and the true winner of the night, with breaded crispy chicken breast schnitzel ,smoked veal bacon slathered with a dose of rich marinara sauce, melted cheese with a side of crispy wedges and broccolini and ticks all the points for me in terms of taste, satisfaction and being totally comforting.

The roasted sea bass was a close contender as the fillet meets with asparagus, baby potatoes with hollandaise and pesto sauce. The sauce lends a delicious flavor to the roasted fish with its basil and garlic flavor gives the dish a redolence.

coffee club dubai 

Although we felt full to the top, we could not leave without having a sweet course and with the choices available, we were on the fence but decisions had to be made and we went with the favorite, chocolate brownie with ice cream- you would know me by now that i always have a serious relationship with this dessert being my two favorite things in the world put together – i loved how moist the brownie was and when met with ice cream, to make it short, i had the plate cleaned to the very last bite.

And since i was not yet fully satisfied, i chose another brownie dessert which had a very different blend, one of coffee and fragrant cardamom which gave it a nice aromatic flavor. What gives it another level of decadence is that added topping of halawa brownie truffle.Need i say more?As it was the month of Ramadan, to give it a feel, white shaped moon crescent figurines were placed on the brownie.

coffee club dubai

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