Couqley JLT Dubai

Scouting for a authentic french restaurant, we stumbled upon Couqley, located in JLT which had a pleasantly warm atmospheric with every corner emanating a parisian vibe with red and green vichy patterned napkins and rustic interiors.Vintage posters line the wooden like walls and you can even reserve their private dome like spaces apt for a family luncheon.


For starters, my favorites were the crab cakes,a glorious manifestation of its own, which were so soft, that they literally melt away on your palate – the outer covering is well coated and has a great crunch to it , golden brown in color with the perfect amount of spice and flavor, thanks to the mustard and spices added to it.

A french meal is not complete until you indulge in a plate of foie gras, a true french delicacy- we were quite intrigued to try this dish since it was highly recommended as well as a traditional recipe from the lands of France passed down by Chef Alexi’s grandfather himself and which also gave him sheer pride. The dish is served with a sweet side of strawberry confit and thin slices of toasted fig bread, making it a perfect combination of sweetness and a buttery yet rich taste.

The duck confit was definitely the high point of our meal, the delicious factor came from the meat being cured with salt and cooked liberally in its own fat. The soft tender meat melts in the mouth and the skin of the duck has a note of crispiness. The unification of the sweet and golden caramelized onions and the sautéed potatoes with the crispiness and tenderness of the duck meat make for a perfect marriage of flavors.

The shrimp platter surprisingly had a hint of spice as the juicy and succulent prawns are drizzled with a flavorful marinade sauce being a meld of red chili spice, notes of garlic and green coriander and then grilled to highlight the flavors of the prawns. The dish is served with the fragrance of a sweet rosemary drip perfect to dunk the chunky pieces of meat in.

There is a reason why the dish is called “french toast” as the french can whip up this toast in the most flavorful manner.The pain perdu is highly decadent and packed with sweetness and a caramelized flavor. The soft slice of bread is topped with a sweet dessert, a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream which complements the bread whole heartedly.


If you are looking for some heart warming french cuisine, then look no further, the service is impeccable with most of the dishes being a culinary delight to dig in


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