Eshak at Citywalk Dubai

Immerse yourself in a melting pot of multicultural cuisines of Uzbek, Caucasian, Armenian , Georgian, European and Middle eastern that draws inspiration from the Choyhona concept from the diverse culture of the Silk Route with its eccentric art house interiors and walls are adorned with vibrant traditional tapestries giving the restaurant a charming and captivating ambience and not to forget instagram worthy shots.

For starters, we ordered the salmon mantas served on lovely ceramic artsy plates- these home made delicious dumplings are stuffed generously with salmon meat, mushrooms and for decorative purposes, topped with salmon eggs. In short, i could easily down a plate in seconds, as the meat is so soft , it literally melts in your mouth.

I love everything about eggplant be it fried, or cooked gravy style, so it was easily my first choice to order the eggplant salad and i had no regrets, the eggplant cubes are stir fried and tossed in a sweet chili and honey sauce with cherry tomatoes , spring onions, a dash of coriander and sesame sees,We did try our luck with the chef to find out the recipe but to no luck as it was top secret.

Me love me some lamb chops – ideally my choice for the main starter though me and the hubby ended up debating who gets the last piece – the meat was so succulent and grilled to perfection,packed with flavour and accompanied with onions and tomatoes.

The pilaf with lamb was one of my long standing personal favorites of the meal as the pilaf had a certain spiced flavor to it and when accompanied with lamb, complements the pilaf so well, evoking memories of the pilaf my mother used to make every Friday and whose fragrance filled our house.

The grilled fish dishes here are an ideal fare as i opted for the grilled sea bream with a side of mashed potato and vegetable ratatouille. The fish tasted so fresh as the meat easily falls apart and pairs extremely well with the ratatouille and the mashed potato.

I love my karak chai but when was the last time you had tea prepared at your table, Walter white gets the distiller to your table and sets it on fire. Well actually a gas burner is placed below the tumbler to get the infusion started , I went with the vitamin tea after all that food which had a refreshing taste of oranges and strawberry slices.

Honey, why are you so sweet. Though i love my usual molten chocolate lava cake , i could not help myself to almost three fourth of the honey cake served to us. It was super sweet and just downright delicious literally melting into your mouth at the first bite.

The baklava came in second place as it was paired with crushed nuts which gave a nutty flavor along with creamy ice cream layers, a few calories more but definitely worth the try.

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