Fashionably delicious offerings at 3rd Avenue Cafe

Luxurious decor, sweeping views of the Dubai fountain, impeccable service and great food makes for the ultimate dining experience which is what was in store for me at Third Avenue, righteously located in the Fashion avenue of Dubai Mall. With the decor adorned in purple royalty with an ample outdoor seating terrace.

On browsing through the menu that offers international fare, we settled for the stuffed mushroom bites, a platter of mushrooms lay before us , little parcels stuffed with a delicious filing of mixed cheese, fragrant garlic and parsley, topped off with parmesan cheese and parsley, These tiny morsels were jam packed with flavor, chewy and creamy just how i like it. Feeling a little Mexican, we opted for the chicken tacos. Shredded chicken, flavored with a hint of Mexican spice is placed in a soft corn flour tortilla shell, topped with additional cheddar cheese, wonderfully crunchy with every bite taken although i did find the tacos slightly more on the cheesy side.

Moving on to the main course, we ordered the grilled jumbo shrimp, the shrimps having a myriad of flavor to it, emanating from the simple herb and mashed potato, coated in a liberal smother of cheddar cheese. Though i would have preferred the dish much without the likes of the cheddar cheese, nevertheless the shrimps were downright delicious, though a little on the soggy side. The grilled lamb cutlet dolma, in tow was grilled to perfection, meltingly tender served with stuffed potato and zucchini with a side of fragrant herb rice, brushed generously with a spicy sauce. Since we heard great raves about the risotto recipes, we ordered the emirati risotto, which is tossed in a decadent pink sauce with the ingredients of various types of mushrooms, herbs, asparagus and chicken cubes. To give this hearty dish the final touch, a home made pesto is drizzled over.

If i did not get your attention enough with the main course, then the desserts visually appeasing in nature will leave you craving for more, One of my favorites being the emerald cake , the name being a perfect match, with the cake apart from being inviting, is uber soft and creamy.Hot milk is served on the side which you can pour on the cake leaving it drenched in sweetness. The stacks, aptly name with chocolate mousse and chocolate stacked between layer of wafers, giving you that right amount of crunch and chocolate goodness. Ice cream is also served on the side to add to this unique balance of a dessert.

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