French simplicity at Aubaine

Pretty Wisteria flowers hung loosely in style on walls, Glass mirrors, rustic white chairs and pretty mosaic tiles give way to some of the few parisian aspects of the quaint cafe Aubaine located in City Walk making each and every corner perfect to capture.

With a new breakfast menu and spoilt for choices, we finally landed on the imperial, apart from beautifully presented, the flavor of this dish had me in the mood not to share- poached eggs and pieces of soft lobster sat pretty and tight on a bed of crispy potato rosti while hollandaise sauce delicately caressed this beautiful creation.I loved the added touch of the potato rosti which made utter sense since i am a potato lover making this easily the top favorite in the breakfast menu.

I love avocado in any form, be it in a simple creamy milkshake or thrown in a bowl with fruits if i had it my way so choosing the avocado on cereal toast was easily chosen with any further contemplation.Cubed pieces of avocado sat daintily on crispy silices of cereal toast.The avocado was just how i like it to be, creamy though i felt this dish can be easily shared by two.The toasted pine seeds and bean sprouts impart a nice touch to this dish without empowering it.This is a great breakfast option especially for people who are always in a rush and works as a grab and go option.

A stack of pancakes dunked in glorious mounts of chocolates and a garnish of nuts makes for a delicious breakfast treat.It is not just visually appeasing but also drool worthy,I adored the fluffy pancakes which had me craving for all the more chocolate so much so that we asked for extra on the side.

Whoever thought of the dish french toast croissant is pure genius.I was particularly hooked to this dish because two of my favorite breakfast items amalgamate into one and with cut strawberries on the side, a clear winner in my eyes. Golden baked croissants , flaky on the outside and sweet from the inside fried to perfection made me smile ear to ear.

With lunch time closing in, we could not help but be tempted by the provencal lamb duo that consisted of a beautiful olive crusted lamb cutlet along with an aromatic and classic combination of rosemary and garlic braised lamb breast with sautéed nicoise vegetables. I quickly dived into the lamb breast which was just how i anticipated it to be, with a light smoky flavor with the rosemary and garlic complimenting the lamb.

Next on the menu, we tried out the seabass, seared and served atop a bed of light roasted carrot puree with tender stem broccoli on the side, confit lemon and sundried tomato dressing.The seabass easily flaked apart with the touch of a fork and was a perfect complement to the sweet carrot puree with the confit lemon providing its own bit of tanginess to the meal.

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City walk, Dubai

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