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Give your skin a lovely glow with Himalaya range of products to combat the scorching summer heat

Himalaya Purifying neem wash – a light face wash which can be used in your daily routine as it does not over dry the skin and so ideal for my skin which is of combination nature as it contains herbal ingredients like turmeric and neem which contains anti bacterial properties apt to keep your skin squeaky clean and fresh! Himalaya protein hair cream – nourish your hair with this protein infused cream containing key ingredients like gooseberries and wheatgerm which moisturizes and gently nourishes your hair in a light manner without leaving it too greasy resulting in silky soft hair.

Himalaya licorice face wash – a unique meld of licorice, alfalfa and the sweet fragrance of wood apple which gently cleanses the face without overdrying it leaving the skin soft and hydrated.It is also soap free in nature hence preserving your natural oils as it has a mildness factor.

Himalaya neem mask- one of my favorite masks as it helps in regulation of oil secretion as well as cleaning those pesky pores which always end up especially around the t zone area.Fuller’s earth combined with the aromatic spice of turmeric makes do for clearer and well balanced skin while keeping it smooth and soft.

Himalaya nourishing body lotion- Enrich your skin with the natural ingredients ranging from the therapeutic properties of aloe vera to the antioxidant properties of winter cherry hydrating and moisturizing your skin leaving it supple and soft.The lotion is non sticky in nature and also my skin absorbs the product quite quickly resulting in hydrated and non irritated skin.

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