Royal Affair for Iftar at Bombay Brasserie

Trail along an exotic and royal journey at Bombay Brasserie, located in Taj Dubai, as you feast upon dishes, inspired by the ancient secret recipes which were prepared in royal kitchens (Dastarkhwan) tracing back to the 17th century, written in the manuscript of Nuskha E Shahkajani.

As we made ourselves comfortable in one of the many seated areas, offering pristine views of the Iconic Burj Khalifa, we could not help but admire the traditional and modernist paintings of kings and colorful plush cushions, adding a modern aura to the restaurant along with an open kitchen where you can seat yourself down to enjoy a quick chaat. We started off by indulging in a hand cleansing ritual in a ornate dish adorned with rose petals.

Each dish is replicated based on the original with a middle eastern touch, creating a broader appeal.The highlights for me was the kofta shahi mani – fish kofta grilled with a culmination of spices like cinnamon, fennel seeds cooked in a meld of sesame oil and ghee – the kofta was so soft and tender that they melt in your mouth leaving you wanting for more, the yakhni teh bala, which bears a semblance to lamb biryani , but is actually cooked in goat stock with an amalgamation of ghee and cloves to give the rice a fragrant flavor – the rice had a nice moist flavor to it and reminded me a lot of home with the flavors being similar and making this a comfort dish at ease. The kaliyan shirazi, braised lamb shanks, aside from being picture perfect had me in awe as the meat fell so easily off the bone is cooked in saffron, packed with the nutrients of apricot, raisins, almonds and pistachios making it for quite a rich dish on its own. The harees badshahi is robust with flavor as the lamb mince is placed on fried brinjal fritter and the perfect couple of flavor and can be eaten as a taco. The dishes do have some exotic names that would surely leave you saying a tongue twister, but each dish varies in taste and holds a magic of its own.

Craving for some sugar after a delicious main course? I promise you, this is one of the best phirnis i have met in a while, a creamy rice based dessert, met with flavors of cardamom, a pinch of fragrant saffron cooked in a concoction of milk and sugar, leaving you to relish each and every bite.

With a modern ambience, offering pristine views and a feast to indulge in, which holds a story of its own, the set menu iftar Bombay Brasserie is a definite must try, priced at Aed 225


For more details and reservations: +971 4 438 3100

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