Iftar at Cafe Bateel

With the festive month of Ramadan dawning upon us, Dubai is jam packed with so many iftar offerings at several restaurants.I on a personal note prefer a set menu than an open buffet style spread as you get to choose from a condensed iftar selection based on your very own preference.

Bateel, offers a choice of 3 course priced at Aed 108 or 4 course menu at Aed 138, of which i tried the latter only to be impressed by the dishes offered.

For appetizers, we had the the couscous salad, softy cooked burghul accompanied with chickpeas, kholas dates, apricots, figs, tomatoes, onions, baby zucchini and fava beans and to seal the flavor, a lemon dressing.What i truly like about the salads is how wholesome they are and perfect for the health conscious.

The quinoa tabbouleh was devoured in seconds, as quinoa is tossed around with the simplest of ingredients of mint leaves, fresh pomegranate, onions, cucumber, parsley, tomatoes and citrus lemon dressing making for a quick Middle eastern theme salad packed with robust flavor.

The main course, the chicken breast with saffron rice needed an applause as the corn fed chicken was uber soft, packed with flavor arising from the grilled bell peppers, fresh green beans, mushrooms and caramelized onions.

The lamb confit , that melts at its very touch , caressed with layers of lamb fat, and served with warm umbrian farro grains, chickpeas, greek mushrooms and caramelized onions.

The grilled salmon served on a bed of warm and light quinoa risotto, with fresh coriander , asparagus, peas , zucchini and iranian dry lemon zaatar sauce is what my ideal comfort food would be as the quinoa acts as the perfect rice substitute and served with a lightly grilled salmon making it a perfect versatile dish.

For desserts, the irresistible and classic chocolate fondant was my decadent choice, as this melt in the middle beauty never fails to impress me as the gooey chocolate flows so freely from the pudding making it a sinful joy.

The date pudding , such a rich and delicious delight, as the cake is so moist and soft as it is made with the best of the best dates, chopped finely, and drizzled with a sticky toffee sauce to give it a final touch of sweet reverie.

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