Le Meridien – Royal Club review

With the weekend dawning on us, we decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and stay in tranquility at the Le Meridien Dubai hotel and conference centre.

A personalized Check in to the hotel was taken care of in a swift manner and we were welcomed with refreshing drinks which we were in dire need, especially to combat the summer heat. As the hotel concierge guided us to our club room at the Royal Club wing which happens to be a separate building away from the main hotel harboring spacious and plush club rooms. Being a SPG member, you have a lot of benefits at your doorstep from guaranteed best rates to earning star points which can be easily redeemable at any of the many properties of bespoke luxury globally.

On entering our room,we loved the contemporary design and interiors of the room with accents of white and rich purple which happens to be one of my favorite colors, giving me all the more reason to fall in love with the color scheme.The lighting in the room is perfect with natural sunlight streaming through our ceiling to floor windows giving the room a bright and relaxing ambience. We felt all the more welcome as a basket of fresh fruits and in room tea, coffee and juices awaited us, another additional benefit of booking a royal club room.

What caught my eye was a peaceful haven in the middle of the room, a reclining massage chair right next to my fluffy berth of comfort. This stimulator was equipped well with all the functionalities any massage lover can ever daydream about from a back warming feature to kneading all those pesky knots with the massage points for each integral part of the body. My favorite part of the chair was also its vibrating feature that i promise you can give you a sound sleep in a matter of seconds.

While enjoying the warmth of my chair, my hubby pointed out that there was another surprise awaiting me in the bathroom – my very own jacuzzi bath tub which shines bright as a diamond with its blue lighting feature – talk about an intensive pampering time. The bathroom has a sleek and clean design along with modern automated panels to adjust the lighting to your liking and your mood as well , just as the room and placement of luxurious amenities for an enjoyable stay creating a relaxing ambience.

The Royal club lounge was our next pit stop which is easily accessible to the guests staying at this exclusive wing. Fresh evening canapés are served along with a refreshing option of cocktails that tickle your fancy during the early hours of the evening giving you a chance to unwind and relax in many nooks and corners of this open space.

In the mood for some Italian, we headed to the romantic Casa Mia – reminiscent of the times we spent in Italy with venetian masks and wooden brick interiors and a relaxing ambience.

To soak up the sun, we hit the pool exclusively for the royal club guests. Perched on the top floor fringed with comfortable lounge chairs surrounding the pool, we took a moment to relax splash around in the water while enjoying the views of home, Dubai. Enjoy a drink or two and quench your thirst with the pool bar and sit back, read a book and simply relax.

Breakfast was a breeze at the royal club lounge with the sun shining bright with the sunlight peering at us through the lounge’s large windows. Along with a lavish buffet breakfast spread, we also had a chance to choose from a menu of specialized breakfast choices from healthy alternatives of granola to having your eggs cooked to the way you like them to be.My favorite was the spiced sausages with eggs as well as the fluffy waffles.


Natural Elements Spa

I love a good and relaxing massage and with Natural Elements spa located in the vicinity of the hotel,giving me all the more reason for a relaxing time. The spa is a serene oasis with a tranquil setting of lit candles and arabesque lanterns. My therapist suggested a kundalini body massage to soothe my body to relieve muscular tension as well relax and stimulate the senses.The therapist explained to me about the term kundalini meaning an energy located at the base of the spine and how the body can be relaxed through various massage techniques and use of essential based oils to soothe the skin. The massage takes place for a duration of 90 minutes, As we entered the welcoming relaxation room, the therapist began to gently wash and scrub my feet to cleanse them thoroughly as soothing music played in the background.After gently kneading the knots in my body and using various massage techniques and methods to soothe my aching muscles, i came out feeling refreshed and my body all lightened.

If you are looking to escape a little from life’s chaos or just need a break to relax and unwind, head on over and do book your room with the massage chair – i promise you, you will feel relaxed and might just want to spend the whole day in it, you have been warned

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