Matcha from Three Tweny

Treat your skin with love with honey sweet and organic products from three tweny.

Presenting the mystical matcha masque infused delicately with clear quartz crystals and containing various ingredients like organic japanese matcha which is fun filled with antioxidants which help purify the skin , organic chlorella that helps eliminate toxins from the skin, french green clay that helps absorb impurities and oiliness.What i really like about this product is it is so easy to apply as it can be mixed with honey or water as per your preference and it leaves your skin feeling tight , smooth and hydrated.For a dewy glow, i mixed the masque with honey to achieve a soft glow on the skin.if your skin is dry in nature, mix this masque with an oil of your choice preferably coconut oil which helps moisturize your skin as well as leaving it soft and silky.

three tweny

Nourish your body with the mystical matcha body polish infused with the fragrance of rose quartz crystals and consisting of organic japanese matcha high in antioxidants and helping reduce inflammation,organic raw honey helping moisturize your dry skin, organic grapeseed oil minimizing those pesky large pores, organic jojoba oil which hydrates your skin and organic raw sugar crystals for wiping away those dead skin cells,I love the texture and the fragrance of this product which smells like a whiff of coconut oil scrub with crystals that you can use lavishly in the shower and can replace your soap for a change as it cleans and softens your skin in a jiffy leaving you freshened up in no time.

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