Melting away your senses at Melting Pot


Melt your senses away at this fascinating fondue restaurant with bright and contemporary interiors well located at the Box Park.

On a lazy friday afternoon we decided to dwell into some fancy fondue to experience a whole new distinct and interactive experience just for a change. The word fondue originated from the french verse fondre which means “to melt”. The dish is generally of melted cheese served in a communal pot over a stove or candle.

The menu allows you to order a number of courses or if you like A four course menu which includes a cheese fondue,salad,an entree and something sweet to end the course with – warm chocolate fondue.
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With the summer heat sinking in,we decided to first quench our thirsts and the staff highly recommended the classic mojito which was a definite classic in my eyes with a light and zesty flavor of citrus and mint perfect for the summer!

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The staff who are highly knowledgeable also suggested we try the signature blackberry sage lemonade -a delicious and refreshing meld of blackberry and sage.At first i was not sure about this drink since sage is generally a savory herb utilized in cooking but its fragrant and astringent flavor worked well in unison with the warmth and sweetness of the blueberries.

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We dug into our cheese fondue which was accompanied by small plated of cajun spiced shrimp, savory chicken and angus beef along with artisan breads and seasoned veggies – a heavenly cheesy delight for cheese lovers with the warmth of the melting cheese pleasing the tastebud.

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We then settled for the classic experience – which is a platter of uncooked seasoned angus sirloin, memphis style chicken, white shrimp, herb crusted chicken and teriyaki marinated sirloin and went with three kinds of cooking styles to truly experience the varying tastes.

The mojo which is a caribbean affair of seasoned bouillon with fresh shredded garlic and a citrus punch.

The coq au vin – an infusion of non alcoholic red wine with savory herbs and thinly sliced mushrooms to add in a zest of flavor.

The bourgignonne – a european style fondue in hot sizzling oil served with tempura and sesame batters- this definitely was one of my favorites- what can i say – i love my deep fried food at any time of the day.


I truly enjoyed the classic experience as it gives you a taste and feel of varieties of chicken, meat and even seafood.We also opted for the lobster tail which when deep fried is absolutely lip smacking as it has a nice golden and crispy texture – super yum.

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We ended our experience on a sweet and tantalizing note with a fusion of fruits and a selection of cakes and dates to accompany our two dippings
the yin and yang – a warm and fuzzy marriage of white and dark chocolate giving your senses sweet pleasure.

The warm and golden melted caramel doted with pecan nuts dipping – which is a definite must have as it had a perfect unison of nuttiness and sweetness.
A perfect spot for light conversation and a well interactive experience ,the melting pot is a definite must visit to creating doting memories especially with the family for a fun day out.

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