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Bring your sweet tooth over to Bouchon Bakery that promises you sweet treats, a warming cup of coffee and the the joys of a peaceful retreat. Sweet and enticing desserts await you at the counter along with handcrafted flavoured macaroons placed in  gift boxes perfect to be gifted to your loved ones for an occasion. Since 2003, Bouchon Bakery has been Thomas Keller’s unique take on a French boulangerie, offering artisanal breads,sandwiches, quiche, soups, and salads, and a range of artisanal viennoiserie, confections, pastries, tarts, and cookies both French and American in influence. With locations across the U.S. in Napa Valley, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and New York, Bouchon Bakery is open to guests in Kuwait, Dubai, and Qatar.

A warm green interior along with antique lamps, tihany chairs placed on wooden flooring and brass furnishings gives the restaurant a charming boulangerie vibe exuded with warmth and glow.

For starters we opted for the curried chicken soup, a light and heartwarming soup, perfect to take that nasty cold away as braised chicken cubes are placed in a creamy saffron broth accompanied with chickpeas and garnished with cilantro and lime.

A steak salad was next in line, with a pan roasted flat iron steak , served on a bed of slightly crunchy endives and refreshing watercress with dried cherries, toasted walnuts for that nice crunch, french cheese and a dash of walnut vinaigrette that provides a nice balance to the slight bitter taste of the vegetables.

We tried out the salmon salad next with a pan seared salmon sitting atop a bed of nutty quinoa, tossed with crispy mesclun greens, seasonable vegetables, crunchy hazelnuts with a dash of bouchon vinaigrette which makes for a nourishing salad with a nice nutty flavour.I love how the salmon meat falls apart with the touch of a fork.

The chicken salad on pretzel – roasted creamy yoghurt chicken cubes is placed between two slices of a buttery pretzel bun, accompanied with dried cherries, toasted peacan nuts, a garnish of lemon and herbs with bibb lettuce. Whoever came up with this combination was pure yummy, as i love the idea of using a pretzel instead of a simple slice bread or croissant.

The smoked salmon on brioche was up next containing delicate smoked salmon, cream cheese with capers and chives, watercress and red pickles on a brioche bun makes for a perfect brunch dish and a lovely appetizer. i love how the combination of smoked salmon and creamy cheese easily making it one of my favourites from my meal.

Time to indulge into some decadent treats and ofcourse we had to try the prettiest of them all, the rosewater paris brest, a sugary sensation, a delicate wheel of choux pastry, filled with rosewater cream, pistachio pastry cream and a sweet layer of raspberry jam, one to surely delight your tastebuds.

The blueberry religieuse, a double whammy as a double stacked choux puffs, filled with blueberry chantilly, vanilla diplomat cream and blueberry compote, a decadent treat pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds.

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