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The word junoon which means passion easily becomes one of my favorite indian restaurants located at Shangri La on Sheikh Zayed road headed by Chef Vikas Khanna where the chefs have such a passion for cooking with modern twists to their classic dishes leaving you craving for more.The menu showcases the various cultural diversities of India and the interiors have a certain warmth and ambient feel to it with its contemporary design with a indian heritage touch.

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For starters, the eggplant chaat easily scored points as a must have as the eggplant was crispy to the touch, paired with tamarind chutney for that added sweetness along with chaat masala to spice things up.

If you are looking for a variety of chaats, especially for chaat lovers like me who can’t get enough of it, the chaat selection is a must try as it comprises of pain puri shots, dahi balla for yoghurt lovers, fruit chaat which was definitely the first for me and date tamarind kanji.

The piri piri shrimp comes in second place as black tiger shrimps adorned with coconut puree and shrimp oil powder. The taste? Juicy shrimps are perfectly marinated with this tangy and vibrant sauce coming to life with the sweetness of caramelized onions and the tinge of bell peppers leaving them melting in your mouth.

The lamb shank, so juicy in nature and with the meat just falling off the bone, had my palate craving for more as the meat is enriched with rose petal garam masala and a amalgamation of spices of cumin, coriander and adorned with a saffron honey foam.

The salon macchi which contained ocean trout tikka was so flavorsome as the fish is so soft and flaky, that it easily falls apart accompanied by beet korma, sea foam and raw beet – a definite must try in my eyes.

Being a rice lover, i could not help but order the chicken biryani whose aroma and taste gave my palate a sense of satisfaction as the spices of of saffron and green cardamom come in unison with the fruit apricot and pistachio nuts for decorative purposes.

The chef with his creative whim works out his magic with just dry ice during the preparation of one of my favorite desserts, kulfi ice cream at our table as a live demonstration.Though you would expect the process to take atleast one hour or so, the chef had it laid in front of us in seconds.

Falooda evokes so many memories for me as it brought back memories when my parents used to treat me every Friday at a closeby restaurant to our house. The chef gave the simple falooda a modernistic twist as the falooda is showcased in a chocolate matka accompanied with saffron and pistachio kulfi making each bite as flavorful as the next leaving you satiated to the max.


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