Freedom Pizza is giving away tickets for the Fiesta de Los Muertos Concert

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19 October 2017: If music lovers needed another reason to order from Freedom Pizza, then here it is. The home-grown UAE pizza company will be giving away tickets worth AED 350 per person, for the Fiesta de Los Muertos Concert at Autism Rocks Stadium, for anyone who makes an order online or from the app from Friday 20th to Monday 23rd October 2017. The night has an amazing line up of acts from the Gorillaz, Stormzy, Chemical Brothers and Carly Rae Jepsen.

All music fans have to do to obtain this awesome offer is to purchase one of Freedom’s deliciously healthy food items from either the slick, user friendly website and app. A banner will appear after your order and an email will be sent detailing how to redeem the ticket from the 117 Live website. This amazing giveaway will only be one ticket per order, meaning this weekend is now the perfect month for you and your friends to order pizza. For those Freedom Fans who have already got tickets, have no fear you won’t be missing out on the pizza action. Freedom Pizza will be a part of the designated F&B area at the arena and will be serving its tasty and organic menu items.

Freedom Pizza makes honest food with organic produce from Greenheart Organic Farms, using multigrain pizza dough for the base, and for those who are Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten free, Freedom’s got your back. Freedom is knowing exactly where the ingredients comes from and how they are made, from production to the ride. Freedom is committed to food integrity and quality, and supporting local businesses creating relationship that are personal.

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