Authentic Pakistani at Barbeque Delights

If you are a meat lover like me, then Barbecue delights should be your next stop. Featuring afghani cuisine and Middle eastern dishes, the restaurant takes pride in their grilled meat dishes, steaks that will leave you wanting for more to delicious and juicy meat skewers and sweets that will satisfy your taste buds,

Chicken wings were up for starters- the wings dunked in crispy breaded batter served yields a nice and crispy golden skin with spicy sauce on the side. Nothing gives me immense joy than fried food especially when it includes chicken with the bone. I loved the marinade used for the wings which had a hint of spice and had the ultimate flavor i was in dire need of.

The lamb mantu similar to that of momos or dumplings had a nice soft texture to them, thanks to its outer exterior and a luscious amount of meat filling inside , the meat filling is mixed with a blend of spices and minced onions and steamed.The meat filling is nice and juicy and the key factor in this dish and highly recommended.

I have had my fair share of chicken boti, so when i saw the option of chicken achari boti i quickly jumped at ordering it and i was not disappointed, the succulent pieces of chicken pieces were spruced with flavor which raised from the delicious flavors of raw mango and pickled masala.Although i would prefer to have more of the spice factor in this dish, the tikka did have a lot of flavor.

The reshmi kebabs were every bit of soft and succulent.the kebabs of minced chicken are married with a meld of spices and a mixture of green chillies, coriander and onions. The tamarind sauce lent a sweet and tangy flavor to these silky textured kebabs and were a delight to tuck into.

If lamb chops could be so good, they were the biggest hit of our dinner, the secret being that the meat is marinaded overnight to allow the simple spice of black pepper and a dash of olive oil to do their own bit of magic. The meat was everything i expected to be, soft , filled with flavor and easy to tear apart.

I love prawns so it was an obvious choice to order, but these prawns had a different marinade of its own. Marinated in a meld of mustard, black pepper and lemon juice, i loved how this simple marinade imparted flavor to the jumbo prawns. The dish is served with fries and mustard sauce if you are looking for a little bit more of tang.

Umali and bread pudding are always my top favorites when it comes to dessert, hence i ordered the pakistani version being shahi tukray which involves slices of bread soaked in a delicious and aromatic blend of milk, cardamom and a garnish of pistachio nuts. I loved the rich texture of this dessert though i would recommend to leave quite a lot of space for this royal treat.


Barbecue Delights

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard | Clarens Building 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 434 3443

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