STARSKIN® presents… The Ultimate EID GIFT TO Detox YOUR SKIN

With Ramadan around the corner, give the gift of beautiful skin to you and your loved ones with STARSKIN®’s range of powerful skin-detoxing marine-based skincare solutions – The Master Cleanser MASK™ and The Master Cleanser foam™.

Starskin’s Sea Kelp mask will enhance your mood  with its marine ingredients. Sea kelp, seaweed and algae have long been hailed for their heavy-duty detox and skin-hydration properties, as well as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. The powerful and natural extracts will nourish your skin and remove impurities, giving you the ultimate skin detox. Hand-harvested sea kelp, a superfood for the skin, is combined with the finest botanical ingredients to deliver dramatic results, for a healthy, smooth and glowing complexion.

STARSKIN® co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen says, “Kelp has long been a staple in many Asian cuisines but the benefits of kelp go way beyond the table; it is also taken as a health supplement. Now kelp (or seaweed) body wraps are being offered at many luxury spas as a premium skin softening and detoxifying treatment.”

Using kelp on your skin works wonders for your complexion, she explains. “We are exposed to toxins every day and this is from the food that we eat, pollutants and the chemicals we come into contact with. Kelp itself helps to remove toxins or heavy metals in your body and together with a host of powerful active marine ingredients, The Master Cleanser Mask and Foam Cleanser nourishes the skin with a whole load of skin-benefiting minerals, fermented marine ingredients, amino acids and vitamins.”

The Master Cleanser MASK™ (AED 80AED or US$19.95 for 25ml serum/40g) and The Master Cleanser foam™ (AED130 or US$32.50 for 150ml) masks are exclusively available at Sephora Middle East.  

As with all STARSKIN® products, The Master Cleanser Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask and Foam Cleanser are free from parabens, silicone, mineral oils, sulphates and synthetic dyes.

THE MASTER CLEANSER MASK™ is made from hand-harvested 100% sea kelp and fermented in a purifying seaweed base that is infused with a super-hydrating 90.37% organic serum to help remove impurities and promote healthy, smooth and glowing skin.


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