Staycation Review: Sheraton Sharjah Resort and Spa

Centrally located and snuggled on the endless stretches of golden sand in the emirate, The Sheraton beach resort and spa is your ideal escapade for a staycation or a quick getaway.

Upon our entrance to this majestic hotel, i was taken aback by the towering archways and the opulent interiors of the hotel with flickering arabesque lanterns dressing the ceiling along with a wave of natural light seeping throughout the lobby, courtesy of the palm fringed beach of Al Muntazah right outside the hotel. We were greeted kindly at the reception and warmly welcomed by the supervisor Rahul , who gave his added insight and details of the hotel as well as its history.

Upon entering our room, we were marveled at the size of our premiere suite with breath taking views of the sea, overlooking the horizon.The room boasts aesthetic scruples of traditional and modern islamic interiors infused with a palette of turquoise and luxury gold colors
complete with luxury amenities at our disposal.

Lunch was a cool breeze at the all day dining restaurant which evokes international and regional cuisine, Gusti also serves a  lavish buffet breakfast as well as family dinner set up in a contemporary and modern setting as well as a large terrace with spell binding views of the Arabian gulf.

My favourite part of the scorching summer heat is a quick and refreshing dip into the pool at the elaborate swimming pools of this magical haven with the glistening blues of the pool while relaxing on the one of the many immersed sun beds by the pool and quenching your thirst with refreshing beverages and light snacks at the comforts of the swanky pool bar.

Sheraton Sharjah Review

Luxuriate in the relaxing mileu of the Sheraton club lounge conveniently located on the top floor boasting a private terrace and enjoy to your heart’s content , premium internet, a hearty and continental breakfast as well as light snacks to be enjoyed at your own convenience for the whole of the day.

Experience top notch Emirati and Lebanese cuisine at its finest at the recently opened restaurant Arjwan a short while ago.As the saying goes, We eat our eyes which is why i am completely awe struck with the elegant turquoise interiors .The head Chef Mohd worked his magic creatively with some beautifully presented dishes in the menu sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

Some like it cold, some like it hot! Presented on a beautifully laid platter is a delicious combination of both hot and cold mezze containing 6 options of appetizers of different varieties leaving the flavours to explode on your palate!

My favourite comfort food- The kibbeh – which blew me off with a suprise as the chef asks us to play a guess game as to what meat it contains- we surely could not get the right answer even if we tried- brace yourselves- it is “baby shark meat”. Interestingly enough, it tasty just like lamb meat. Yum nevertheless .

Moutable – an Arabic delicacy which is an eggplant based dip with pomegranate, it also happens to be my favorite dip as eggplant happens to be one of my favorite vegetable- although i usually love it fried with batter- this dip is my ultimate favorite with the richness of the pomegranate blending in together with the slight tanginess of the brinjal makes for a perfect unison.This tangy dip also happens to be an integral part of the cold mezze options from the platter at the restaurant.


The chefs signature dishes at the Arjwan restaurant – dill rice blessed with tender and juicy cuts of camel meat, one of the
Many kinds of meat used in Arabic cuisine, one of the many aspects of this cuisine promises hospitality and the traditional mixed grill containing succulent pieces of kebabs and meats leaving your tastebuds wanting for more.The flavor is spot on withe meat being tenderized which leaves the meat all the more delicious.

All good things come to end and hence i bid my farewell to this luxuriant beauty of a beach resort spa which covered me with a blanket of warmth and hospitality, truly felt and acknowledged at every step of the way.

All things healthy at Al QUBTAN @sheratonsharjah

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