Vida 3in1 Iftar

Featuring a laid back vibe combined with a swank ambience, 3 in 1 lays out an unconventional iftar, priced at Aed 170 with a modern touch of arabian influence as you seat yourself down to have a choice of 5 main courses on display from the menu featuring lamb ouzi, chill roasted chicken with potatoes, spicy lamb kofta, shish tawook and vegetable stew.

From scrumptious salads of all sorts and a fresh juice cellar to a wide assortment of arabic sweets and nuts set up in an open buffet style along with live stations for Saj on offer and pizza customization fresh and piping hot out of the oven, 3 in 1 had a lot to offer along with its hot and cold mezzes as well as a little something for sushi lovers ,sushi rolls with a dash of samak spice.

The main dishes served are in smaller portions but they also provide bigger portions for a sharing basis.Just tick the dish you like off the menu and it is served straight to the comforts of your own table in a span of minutes instead of those buffet bottlenecks you have to experience.

The traditional lamb ouzi definitely does not need an introductions, especially in the month of iftar, as it is a middle eastern favorite and a must have.The ouzi,rich in nature, had a nice spice factor to it and a double treat for lamb lovers, as the lamb flavor with a sweet blend of arabian spices infused delicately with fluffy rice and an assortment of nuts and raisins giving a nutty flavor.

The grilled chicken and potatoes is what i define as comfort food as two simple ingredients are put together to offer this delicious dish, as the chicken is marinated with arabic chilli and kept overnight leaving the spice to do its magic, as the meat is so soft and full of robust flavor and paired with my favorite vegetable, lightly grilled potatoes.

The lamb kofta and shish tawook’s meat was meltingly tender and was paired with an assortment of bell peppers and tomatoes, leaving you to enjoy every bite as the spices work together in unison to leave the meat packed with flavor.

Though vegetables are not my first choice at an iftar, the stew was a pleasant surprise of flavors leaving my taste buds quite happy, with tomato being the main ingredient along with a meld of vegetable, cooked together slowly seasoned with arabic spices is a definite must try.

If buffets and long queues do not strike your fancy, then you know where to head to, the buffet at 3 in 1 is priced at Aed 170 and you can enjoy the views of the Arabian skies by having a seat outside the restaurant and indulge into some shisha and refreshments.

Dine contemporary style at this unconventional #iftar which is Arabian theme inspired with a twist of modernism set in a calm and ambient space exuding its own charm with its minimalist decor and dim lighting , as you seat yourself down to a choice of 5 downright delicious main courses: Lamb ouzi, Chili roasted chicken, spicy lamb kofta, shish tawook and vegetable stew. . . You can spot the dishes on my table in smaller portions but they also offer bigger portions for sharing. just tick the dish off your provided menu and it's served straight to the comforts of your table in a span of minutes.No queueing up at the buffet and we ladies know how tiresome that gets on heels . 💃 The scrumptious salads and delectable dessert stations are set up in an open buffet style along with live stations for Saj and pizza customization fresh out of the oven. . . All of this for aed170 at the 3in1 restaurant in @vidadowntown #vidaDowntown #ramadanInDubai . . Catch all deets on my instaStories

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